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Marine TSCM Services – finding out who’s finding out about you

As people and businesses alike become increasingly aware of the growing problems regarding personal and professional privacy, bug sweeps and other countersurveillance measures have risen in popularity and usefulness. With wiretaps and other eavesdropping equipment becoming easier to find and cheaper to buy, counter surveillance is becoming more and more mainstream.

What is Marine TSCM?

Marine TSCM, the field of Technical Surveillance Counter Measures Services, is a complicated and highly technical industry. It involves the detection, thwarting, and protection against any unwanted surveillance. Counter surveillance equipment includes camera/bug detectors, audio jammers, noise generators, etc., and it takes years of training and experience to utilize this equipment to its full potential as a Marine TSCM specialist. At Bugged.com, that is exactly what we bring to the table. With over thirty years of experience and the best training available, Bugged.com is the leader in this industry. That is why if you feel that you may be a potential target of a bug or wiretap, it is imperative for your safety, privacy, and security that you place your trust in our expertise at Bugged.com.

Bugged.com’s team of highly trained Marine TSCM Technical Officers is headed up by Michael Peros. Peros began his work studying mechanical engineering at the University of South Florida. From there, Peros received instruction from Glenn Whidden. Whidden was a top spy for the CIA and military for over 28 years. Whidden took Peros under his wing, training and teaching him everything he needed to know about bugs and wiretaps.

It was Peros who discovered over 65,000 illegal intercepts through bugs and wiretaps in the Key Bank case in Tampa, Florida, the largest case of illegal wiretapping at the local, state, and federal law enforcement level. His work in this fascinating case earned him the praise of the Chief Investigator of the U.S General Inspector’s Office in Washington, DC.

Before long, Peros began constructing a team of other highly trained, knowledgeable technicians and passed on his training and knowledge to them. Each team member brings with him his own technical expertise and unique perspective on TSCM services. Along with this, we also have over two hundred fifty thousand dollars invested into ITAR TSCM equipment. Only Bugged.com can claim to have discovered over 130,000 bugs and wiretaps, thus proving that our skills are unmatched.

No other TSCM company can claim to have the advanced training, field work, and expertise that the professionals at Bugged.com have. Our various TSCM services have taken us all over the world; Moscow, Shanghai, and Jerusalem, just to name a few. Even national governments have called upon Bugged.com for our expertise. What other company can claim that? We are the oldest and greatest TSCM service provider in the world, with thousands of satisfied clients. In the often complicated field of TSCM, no one comes close to Bugged.com and its team or TSCM equipment.

Marine Technical Surveillance Countermeasures may seem like a difficult field of work, but Bugged.com has perfected it to a fast, efficient, and effective service – the likes of which no one else can offer. Don’t settle for a lesser company that won’t get the job done correctly. Go for the professionals who know what they’re doing, the ones who have earned worldwide trust as the leaders in the industry. CALL NOW at 1-866-292-3711) or email us at bugged@gmail.com. Bugged.com: The Pioneers of Marine TSCM electronic privacy.

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