FAQ About CYBER TSCM Services

Do you feel like someone is spying on you? If you fear you are a potential victim of illegal eavesdropping, or have fears that you are under surveillance, it’s very important not to ignore these feelings. To dismiss them as paranoia, or irrational fear, is simply not the right approach. We’ve experienced too many cases of spying to know that serious and credible threats do exist and should not be overlooked.

Denial can be costly and very damaging to your business and/or personal life. Micro recorders, covert hidden video cameras, ultra tiny microphones, micro transmitters, and other bugging devices are easy to obtain online and elsewhere thus making spying easier than ever.

You may be targeted for a variety of reasons. If you are involved in litigation your opposition may use surveillance to collect information about you for the case. Offices or places of business are often targeted and bugged to steal valuable information or trade secrets.

Often suspicious spouses plant bugs and hidden cameras in their own homes if they suspect cheating. These devices may also be used by a feuding spouse to gather evidence for a divorce proceeding or child custody case. Bugs are sometimes used illegally by businesses to gain competitive advantage, and to steal trade secrets. Of course we have all heard of unscrupulous landlords, and other malicious individuals who use these devices for their own cheap thrills.

Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM) service, or bug sweeps can help individuals and businesses to detect, locate, and identify these threats and in so doing protect their privacy.

You can protect your peace of mind and safeguard your confidentiality by hiring Bugged.com to conduct a thorough bug sweep to ensure that your privacy is not being compromised. Bugged.Com is the per-eminent Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM) service company with over 34 years of experience in detecting and identifying electronic eavesdropping devices (bugs), and hidden cameras. Involved in several high profile cases, Bugged.com has over 130,000 documented finds which have led to prosecution.

How Could this Happen to Me?

If you are asking “How can this happen to me?”, know that you are not alone. Each year, businesses lose billions of dollars to illegal corporate, industrial, and economic espionage attacks. You are not the first victim, and you will certainly not be the last. But, the most important question to ask yourself now is “What can I do to minimize the damage, stop the leaks, and prevent future spying attacks?” Bugged.com can help.

Your Next Step

High net worth individuals, celebrities, and private individuals who are victimized by an illegal eavesdropper know all too well the vulnerability it creates in their lives and the uneasy feelings that follow. The sense of security and privacy you once had vanishes. A well-planned illegal eavesdropping attack is an unnerving event—for anyone.

The most important step you can take is to contact Bugged.com to perform a TSCM survey.

You cannot afford to ignore your suspicions or the warning signs that you may be a victim of an illegal eavesdropping attack. Protect yourself now and restore your sense of security.

A Technical Surveillance Counter Measure (also called a TSCM Service or Bug Sweep) of sensitive areas and phone lines is the most efficient, cost-effective solution to mitigate this risk. Contact Bugged.com using our secure contact form.

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