Meeting TSCM Services

We offer real-time TSCM monitoring services of the frequency spectrum for organizations and follow the same steps as a comprehensive corporate bug sweep, but concentrate on specific C-Suites, boardrooms, conference rooms, executive homes, and off-site meeting spots. Furthermore, these corporate bug sweeps are performed on a regular basis

meeting TSCM services

Secure Your Critical Business Meetings with Expert TSCM Services

At, we understand that the confidentiality of your business meetings is paramount. Our Meeting TSCM Services are specifically designed to secure your sensitive discussions from eavesdropping and surveillance threats. Whether it’s a routine strategy session or a high-stakes negotiation, our expert team ensures that your meeting spaces are free from any form of surveillance device.

Features of Our Meeting TSCM Services:

Thorough Inspection: Before your important meetings, our team conducts detailed sweeps to detect and neutralize hidden bugs.

Advanced Equipment: We use cutting-edge technology to identify a wide range of electronic devices, including hidden microphones and cameras.

– Post-Meeting Reports: After each sweep, we provide a comprehensive report detailing the security measures taken and any findings.

Client-Specific Protocols: We tailor our services to fit your specific security needs, providing peace of mind for all your corporate affairs.


Comprehensive Bug Sweeps Services to Protect Your Privacy

In the digital age, the threat of unauthorized surveillance is ever-present.’s bug detection services are designed to identify and neutralize these threats swiftly and effectively. Our team of experts uses state-of-the-art bug detection equipment to ensure that your information remains confidential and secure.

TSCM Services & Solutions

Our technical and physical bug sweeps for corporations and governments adhere to the same high standards as our technical and physical bug sweeps in that all sections of the target areas are swept for bugging devices and other electronics capable of transmitting data or storing data waiting to be retrieved by the eavesdropper

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