Smartphone Forensics

If there is the slightest doubt that a cell phone or mobile device is free from invasive software, technical eavesdropping devices, poor security technology, weak security procedures, or unsecured Wi-Fi, you need TSCM services.

Smartphone Forensics

Our Endpoint Services & Solutions

Our technical and physical bug sweeps for corporations and governments adhere to the same high standards as our technical and physical bug sweeps in that all sections of the target areas are swept for bugging devices and other electronics capable of transmitting data or storing data waiting to be retrieved by the eavesdropper.

Comprehensive Smartphone Forensics for Secure Data Recovery and Analysis

Smartphone forensics is a critical service at, offering detailed data recovery and security analysis to both individual and corporate clients. Our experts specialize in extracting and analyzing data from smartphones, helping you recover lost information and protect your mobile devices from potential threats.

Key Features of Our Smartphone Forensics Services:

Data Extraction: We recover data from damaged or locked smartphones, including contacts, messages, emails, and multimedia files.
Security Analysis: We identify any vulnerabilities in your smartphone’s security, offering solutions to strengthen it.
Expert Testimony: Our forensic analysts can provide expert testimony in legal cases involving data recovered from smartphones.
Privacy Assurance: We handle all data with the highest level of confidentiality and security.

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Simple Process

Once we have your phone it will be inspected and returned promptly, depending on the location, method of delivery, and severity of the hack.