Meet Our Founder

Founder and Chief Technical Officer Michael Peros has crossed the globe from Jerusalem to Moscow and even to Shanghai on assignment and has attained a vast wealth of knowledge and experience. He was trained by the CIA’s top spy of 28 years. He has passed this same training along to his team, each of whom brings their own understanding and unique expertise of TSCM (Technical Surveillance Counter Measures – wiretapping and eavesdropping detection) into the field.

From the world’s first 9/11 innovator who streamed live video from commercial aircraft to ground traffic control to the National DuPont winner: Check out Michaels story on YouTube. He has helped countless clients detect bugs, wiretaps, hidden cams, and so on. Below are the videos that explain the stories of many of the few TSCM projects he has worked on. Some of the videos are published by reputable YouTube channels, implying that my previous clients trusted me, and you should too!

I have been in the TSCM industry for 30+ years and below are some of my triumphs.

117689090Successful bug detection in an attorney’s office.

95071432Exposed an illegal GPS tracking system on a business executive’s cell phone.

Detected 13 illegal wiretaps at a horse track.

Found an illegal hook-switch bypass at a union hall.

Successful bug detection of an illegal bug in a large restaurant.

Mobile Phone Bug IconExposed an illegally planted domestic wiretap in the home.

Discovered an illegal bug in a CEO’s office at Cape Canaveral.

Bug detection for illegal bugs in Air Force Defense Contractor’s offices, and exposed an illegal wiretap at a substantial high-tech test equipment manufacturer.

Successfully discovered an illegal GPS tracker in the van.

Successfully exposed illegal GPS tracker in SUV.

Protect Your Right to Privacy! utilizes its 34 years of experience to protect potential targets. Moreover, if you believe you may be a victim of a wiretap or bug, call us immediately. Your privacy, security, and safety are at stake, and only the leading expert can guarantee results!