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Home Bug Sweep

With the most  technical trained home bug sweeping team available, using the most advanced bug sweeping equipment around, we have discovered more illegal bugs and wiretaps than every other bug sweep team in the world – combined. We’ve uncovered the largest case ever of illegal wiretapping in US history done by local state and federal law enforcement, and we’ll uncover any bugs that could undermine you, your family, and your business.

Stay secure at home.

You’re a spouse going through a divorce. One day, you decide to take your children out for a day of fun to distract them from the painful situation. You start cleaning your car to make room for them, when you suddenly find a small black box underneath one of your seats. What is it? Could it be some kind of micro car GPS Tracker? You don’t recall buying one. In fact, you’ve never seen anything like this before. Is your spouse invading your privacy to try to catch some indiscretions on your part and win the case unjustly?

Surveillance detection may not have crossed your mind before, but when something like this happens, it is the professional recommendation of that you commission us for TSCM services immediately. Those sneaking suspicions or funny feelings you may have about being watched or being listened to might not be just feelings at all. A professional bug detector can help, and no one comes more professional than we do. Commission and let us affirm or ease your concerns through our counter-surveillance expertise. Whether it is a car, a home office, a bedroom, or an entire house, let our highly trained home bug sweeping team and cutting edge ITAR TSCM equipment make sure that your home stays your home.

A high profile status and situation greatly influences the likelihood that you are bugged, and therefore, your need for Home TSCM service or a home bug sweep. Business executives, doctors, legal workers (lawyers, judges, jurors, and court room clerks), law enforcement officers and offices (police department HQ, police officers, detectives, police chiefs, and private investigators), expectant divorcees, teachers, and many others are at a greater risk for being the target of a bug or wiretap. If you are experiencing a situation and it appears that you could be at risk, please contact us immediately to schedule a bug sweeping service. CALL NOW at 1-866-292-3711 or email us to learn more about TSCM services and home counter-surveillance. Keep in mind that there are others who are also at risk who may not be listed above, so if you feel there is ANY REASON you may be the target of a covert technical surveillance device, contact immediately for our home TSCM services, home bug detection, and bug sweep services. We ask that you contact us using a phone or computer that you know for sure is secure, such as a friend’s phone or computer which is not associated with you or your business.

Contact to get back your privacy

Once contact has been established with, all necessary details will be discussed. Everything you share with us is STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL and will not be revealed to anyone outside of the expert technician or staff who handles your particular case. We use over two hundred fifty thousand dollars’ worth of ITAR TSCM equipment and RF Detectors to find bugs and wiretaps. Come to us with all your surveillance detection needs. You can place all your confidence with us at The Pioneers of electronic privacy. 

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