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On a regular basis, our GPS Tracker Sweep experts locate both active and passive GPS trackers. Our Bug Sweepers can also detect hidden cameras, audio devices, GPS trackers in automobiles, and other devices.

Our comprehensive bug-sweep services and other counter-surveillance services give you back your peace of mind.

Comprehensive Home Bug Sweeps to Protect Your Privacy

Your home should be a place of comfort and security. With Bugged.com’s Home Bug Sweeps, we ensure that it stays that way by searching for and removing any hidden surveillance devices. Our home bug sweeps are extensive and tailored to address the unique vulnerabilities of residential properties.

What Our Home Bug Sweeps Cover:

All Areas of the Home: From attics to basements, and everything in between, no room is overlooked.

Detailed Reporting: We provide a detailed report of our findings and actions taken during the sweep.

Follow-Up Services: We offer follow-up sweeps and are available for consultation to ensure ongoing protection.

TSCM expert

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Bugged.com’s team of highly trained residential TSCM Technical Officers is headed up by Michael Peros. Peros began his work studying mechanical engineering at the University of South Florida. From there, Peros received instruction from Glenn Whidden. Whidden was a top spy for the CIA and military for over 28 years. Whidden took Peros under his wing, training and teaching him everything he needed to know about bugs and wiretaps.

It was Peros who discovered over 65,000 illegal intercepts through bugs and wiretaps in the Key Bank case in Tampa, Florida, the largest case of illegal wiretapping at the local, state, and federal law enforcement level. His bug sweep work in this fascinating case earned him the praise of the Chief Investigator of the U.S. Department of the Treasury, Office of Inspector General Office in Washington, DC.

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Bugged.com utilizes its 34 years of experience to protect potential targets. Moreover, if you believe you may be a victim of a wiretap or bug, call us immediately. Your privacy, security, and safety are at stake, and only the leading expert can guarantee results!