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If you suspect any unauthorized surveillance, wiretapping and eavesdropping upon your business or home it is crucial to take immediate action against potential privacy breaches. Call us and a Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM), technician, will promptly be at your service to ensure and protect your confidentiality. An unlawful device is intended to go without your notice, but our accomplished TSCM professionals are experienced bug sweepers who use high quality x-ray technology to detect the unnoticeable. TSCM techicians can perform a bug sweep in your place of business or office, including: executive rooms, conference rooms, hotel conference centers, entire office buildings and even government facilities. TSCM technicians can also perform a private home bug sweep, including: land line telephones, land line faxes, computers, cellular devices, iPads, tablets, smart phones, DSL lines (network), and even your vehicle. TSCM technicians can be scheduled to serve you one time, or on a reoccurring basis- monthly, biannually, before occasional meetings and more. Also to accommodate you, we offer consultation services prior to a meeting or event.




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Steps in How to Protect Myself from Bugging Devices