IMSI Catcher Detector


IMSI Catcher Detector

With the way that technology has continued to evolve, listening in on someone’s privacy has become easier than ever. There are digital eavesdropping devices that are no bigger than an AA battery and can record over thousands of hours of your private conversations. Also, in some cases, can even be used to record land line telephones and can even eavesdrop on cell phones. The need for a bulky cassette recorder is history. These new digital audio recording and eavesdropping devices are small, sleek, covert, and can be hidden almost anywhere. You never know who could be listening in on your conversations or activities, or how easy it can be for the eavesdropper to record everything you say and do. With these devices in play, electronic harassment has been taken to a whole new level.

If you are a spouse going through a messy divorce, it would only be too simple for your soon to be ex-spouse to hide one of these covert devices in your home to pick up any indiscretions that could be used against you. Your spouse could easily gather evidence against you that would have otherwise been left out of the case entirely.

Keep your business YOUR business.

Or what if you are a high powered business executive? One of your rival companies could plant a digital eavesdropping device in your office to gather all of your trade secrets, financial plans, and business strategies. Suddenly, your rival company is applying your business strategy to their base and earning what should rightfully be your profits.

Stop IMSI Catching in its tracks.

These electronic rogue man in the middle devices are very easy to use and can be hidden almost anywhere. That is why it is imperative that you commission immediately for our IMSI Catching ping detection service if you suspect that there could be an eavesdropping device located somewhere around your home, business, car, etc. brings over thirty-four years of experience and highly sophisticated lab test equipment which will be used to its fullest extent to locate any IMSI Catching man in the middle hidden eavesdropping or audio recording devices.

In addition to recording standard audio, many of these eavesdropping devices can also be IMSI Catching adapted to record cell phone conversations. That is why can also be sure to do a sweep of your cell phones, as well as any other electronic devices located within the area which we have been commissioned to IMSI Catch. It is extremely important for your safety, security, and privacy that you commission for its IMSI Catching services if you feel you need us to perform our eavesdropping detection. We can also do a sweep on your home and Business, in case someone is eaves dropping on your cell phone.

If you are unsure whether or not you could be the target of an IMSI Catching eavesdropping device, please consult our page entitled “warning signs.” This page contains a comprehensive list of warning signs which indicate that there could be an eavesdropping device being used in your home, business, car, etc. If there is ANY REASON you feel you are the target of an IMSI Catching eavesdropping device, CALL NOW at 1-866-292-3711 or email us at  IMSI Catcher can be stopped in its tracks.

At, we have a team of highly trained IMSI catching  TSCM technicians who bring with them a proven track record of experience. Whether it is one technician or the entire team, one room or a whole home or building, is ready and able to perform the most comprehensive and efficient eavesdropping detection available. the pioneers of electronic privacy.