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An audio bug is the name used to describe a concealed electronic hardwire, wireless transmitting or audio recording device. These types of audio bugging devices can be used to covertly transmit or record conversations in a target area. Depending on the quality, the microphone of an audio bug can pick up conversations from 20-30′ away! Audio bugging devices can also be parasitically battery powered, solar powered, or powered by electricity. Battery powered audio bugging devices can last up to several months, even years, depending on device settings and battery size. Audio bugs that are designed to transmit audio are often cellular modem, Ethernet connection, or Wi-Fi capable and once connected to the Internet can be monitored from anywhere in the world. It is illegal to record audio conversation to which you are not a party. The laws for covert audio recording are also regulated by state law. You can find telephone call recording laws on several websites. Audio recording devices can record several hundred hours using an internal micro CD card. However, the duration of recording is often subject to the power source. Transmitting or audio recording devices can be very small and easily concealed in the target areas such as a bedroom, kitchen, living room, office, or vehicle. Unfortunately, audio bugs by design can be very small and difficult to find. These devices can also be concealed within another common device and will likely only be found by a professional bug sweep technician. You can find more information about a house bug sweep or a business bug sweep by clicking the preceding links.