Aircraft TSCM Inspection

Aircraft TSCM Inspection

Aircraft TSCM Inspection for GPS Tracking, Eavesdropping devices, New, Used, Charted


Aircraft Bug Sweep

With the most elite aircraft bug sweeping team available, using the most advanced ITAR TSCM equipment available, we have discovered more illegal bugs and wiretaps than all  bug sweep teams in the world – combined. We’ve uncovered the largest case ever of illegal wiretapping in US history done by local state and federal law enforcement, and we’ll uncover any bugs that could undermine you, your family, and your business.

Stay secure in your Corporate Aircraft

Cyberbugged aircraft TSCM inspections provide privacy to aircraft owners and occupants.
Cyberbugged performs Aircraft TSCM Inspections for:

New Aircraft
Business Jets
Chartered Jets
New Aircraft Interior Renovation and Design Installation or Remodels

Aircraft TSCM Inspection Process

Our aircraft TSCM specialists perform a thorough physical and electronic inspection for illicit eavesdropping devices and eavesdropping vulnerabilities. As well, our Aircraft TSCM Inspections include detection of both traditional eavesdropping devices and cyber eavesdropping devices & vulnerabilities.

Cyberbugged uses the most advanced, ITAR TSCM equipment available. As well, our TSCM specialists have more than 34 years of experience in the TSCM, Cyber TSCM, counter intelligence and counter espionage fields.’s aircraft TSCM inspections include a methodical analyzation of the:

Aircraft Cockpit TSCM Inspection

Outside of the Aircraft
Cargo storage
Inside of the Aircraft
Fixtures and Furnishings
Wi-Fi Network
A/V hardware
Communications Systems
Electrical wiring
Following the service, we provide a verbal report of the inspection results. We pinpoint the location of any eavesdropping devices, and identify information concerning the threats identified. As well, we provide a written report. The report includes inspections performed, our results, recommendations and countermeasures to help Keep your business your business going ahead.

What Types of Bugging Devices Do We Detect?

Elicit audio or optical bugging devices
GSM, 3g & 4g cellular eavesdropping devices
Wireless bugs
Hard Wire & mic bugs
Carrier current bugs
Mini wireless video devices
Laser or infrared eavesdropping devices
GPS trackers

Stay secure In your Aircraft

Please contact us immediately to schedule a Aircraft TSCM Bug Sweeping Service. CALL NOW at 1-866-292-3711 or email us cyberbugged@gmail.comto learn more about Aircraft TSCM  Service and counter-surveillance. Keep in mind that there are others who are also at risk who may not be listed above, so if you feel there is ANY REASON you may be the target of a covert technical surveillance device, contact immediately for our TSCM services, bug detection, and bug sweep services. We ask that you contact us using a phone or computer that you know for sure is secure, such as a friend’s phone or computer which is not associated with you or your business.

Once contact has been established with, all necessary details will be discussed. Everything you share with us is STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL and will not be revealed to anyone outside of the expert technician or staff who handles your particular case. We use over one hundred thousand dollars’ worth of TSCM equipment and RF Detectors to find bugs and wiretaps. Come to us with all your surveillance detection needs. You can place all your confidence with us at The Pioneers of electronic privacy.

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