Why Choose Bugged.com?

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Why Choose Bugged.com?

It’s simple.

We’re leaders.

Bugged.com and our Bugged TSCM service technicians have discovered more illegal bugs, cyber data tapping, and wiretaps than any other sweep team worldwide. Our founder and Chief Technical Officer, Michael Peros discovered over 130,000 total illegal intercepts and 65,000 illegal intercepts in the Key Bank case alone, which is the largest documented case in US history. Michael was trained by the CIA’s top spy for 28 years and adamantly passes down his knowledge to our TSCM service team.

We’re advanced.

Our Bugged TSCM Service technical experts obtain only the most sophisticated equipment, worth over a quarter of a million dollars, to detect wiretapping, cyber data tapping, and eavesdropping. Bugged.com TSCM service technicians keep up with the advancement of equipment and trends to remain experts in the industry.

We’re Experienced.

All of our cyber data tapping technicians are trained adequately and inventively. Bugged.com has over 34 years of experience and technical expertise to provide you with the highest level of service at all times. Between our experienced cyber data tapping TSCM service technicians, leadership, ITAR TSCM advanced equipment and dedication to serving you, it’s clear why Bugged.com should be your only option.

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