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It’s simple. We’re leaders in cyber security. Our Cyber Bugged TSCM technicians have discovered more illegal bugs and wiretaps than any other bug sweep team worldwide. Our founder and Chief Technical Officer, Michael Peros discovered over 130,000 illegal intercepts in the Key Bank case alone, which is known as the largest documented case in US history. Michael was trained by the CIA’s top spy of 28 years who has now carried his knowledge to our TSCM team. We’re advanced, diligent, detailed, and thorough. Our TSCM technician experts use only the best, and most sophisticated equipment to detect cyber data tapping, wiretapping, eavesdropping, and more. The Cyber Bugged team keeps up with the advancement of equipment and technology trends to remain experts in the industry and stay ahead of our competitors! To hear more from our founder and CTO, please click the link below for an in depth interview



Government Espionage

While at a DOD contracting facility for the US Air Force, our founder detected and removed illegal bugs
placed there by the Japanese Government.
He was also known throughout the industry for uncovering wiretaps the US Government used to target
innocent, everyday Americans.
Eavesdropping devices have become so DIY friendly and economical that anyone, including your
neighbor, car salesman, or hotel staff, could monitor you from up to 500 feet away.
With a $3 wiretap or a $25 pen microphone and no countermeasures, your privacy is forfeit.
Michael Peros, TSCM industry expert, speaks on his experience fighting spies in diverse environments.
As founder and Electronic Warfare Officer of Cyberbugged LLC he continues to use the skills he
developed by training with top CIA, NSA, DOE, DELTA, DEVGRU, IDF, YAMAN, UNIT 8200, ONI, and
MOSSAD spies.

Key Bank Scandal

When law enforcement in Tampa, Florida began a warrantless investigation in Key Bank with over 65k intercepts in a local bank, we found them all. The bugs had their day in court and all the illegally recorded material was thrown out of the case.


OUR FOUNDER’s team of highly trained residential TSCM Technical Officers is headed up by Michael Peros. Peros began his work studying mechanical engineering at the University of South Florida. From there, Peros received instruction from Glenn Whidden. Whidden was a top spy for the CIA and military for over 28 years. Whidden took Peros under his wing, training and teaching him everything he needed to know about bugs and wiretaps.

It was Peros who discovered over 65,000 illegal intercepts through bugs and wiretaps in the Key Bank case in Tampa, Florida, the largest case of illegal wiretapping at the local, state, and federal law enforcement level. His work in this fascinating case earned him the praise of the Chief Investigator of the U.S General Inspector’s Office in Washington, DC.




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Cyberbugged utilizes its 34 years of experience to protect potential targets. If you believe you may be a victim of a wiretap or bug, call us immediately. Your privacy, security, and safety are at stake, and only the leading expert can guarantee results!