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Bugging Devices

Technology has moved forward by leaps and bounds in the past three decades. It used to be that the only way you could get in touch with someone was to be at home and dial their number through your land line telephone. But now, anyone can make a phone call anywhere in the world with a cell phone; SKYPE allows people to see each other through their computer screen; and even emails can be sent from cell phones – and bugging devices can record and monitor any of these and more.

Along with these new advancements come new threats. Cameras have gotten smaller and smaller and smaller, some of them no bigger than a pinhole. Cassette recorders have become completely obsolete and have been replaced by digital audio recording devices that are no bigger than an AA battery. VCRs and video tapes are no longer the only way that video and audio can be stored and reviewed over and over again. When used correctly, this new technology can be a dangerous weapon, easily recording all of your most private moments and conversations.

Bugging devices are defined as technology which can be used to secretly record or monitor activity without the knowledge of the person or persons being recorded. These devices come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, and uses. Bugging devices can be hidden in common household and business objects like wall clocks, radios, and even something as small as a pen, easily recording everything you do when you think you’re alone. Many of them come wireless for the convenience of the user. This can be a very dangerous type of technology that can destroy your privacy and sense of security.

This is why and its TSCM (Technical Surveillance Counter-Measure) services are so important. A bugging device can be planted and remain active for a long period of time without your knowledge. So, if you suspect that there may be a bugging device in your home, business office, vehicle, or anywhere else, CALL NOW at 1-877-WIRETAP (877-947-3827) or email us at Contact Now for a bug sweep service. Our TSCM technicians are well equipped to handle any situation. With thirty years of experience and over one hundred thousand dollars worth of lab grade electronic bug detectors, you can breathe a sigh of relief once has been commissioned to perform a bug sweep service for you.

At, we understand that you may be unsure whether or not a bug or wiretap is being used against you, so we have provided a list of warning signs, shown below. This comprehensive list of the various warning signs will help you determine if you may be the victim of a bugging device or wiretap. Please review this page carefully and familiarize yourself with it as quickly as possible so that you may be on the lookout for these signs. These signs are often subtle and hard to pick up on, so keep a good eye and ear out for them. If you feel there is ANY REASON you could be the target of a bugging device or wiretap, CALL NOW at 1-877-WIRETAP (877-947-3827) or email us at Contact Now so that we may begin to assess your situation and begin debugging your home, office, car, etc. Bugging devices are dangerous and inexpensive, and can be used almost anywhere and against anyone, so if you’re considering commissioning someone for a debugging service, why settle for anything less than the GREATEST? pioneers of electronic privacy.

  1. Others know your unreleased business information or professional trade secrets.
  2. Secret business meetings and corporate bids seem to be out in the open.
  3. You have noticed volume changes or weird sounds on your phone lines or phones.
  4. You can hear a tone on your phone line when your phone is on the hook (by using an external amplifier).
  5. Your car radio suddenly starts “acting strange.”
  6. Your television has suddenly developed strange interference or static.
  7. You have been the victim of a burglary or theft, but nothing was stolen.
  8. Electrical wall plates look like they have been slightly moved, or “jarred.”
  9. A dime-sized discoloration has suddenly appeared on the ceiling or wall.
  10. One of your vendors just gave you any type of electronic device such as an alarm clock, desk radio, small TV, lamp, CD player, boom box, and so on.
  11. A deformation or small bump has appeared on the baseboard near the floor.
  12. The clock, smoke detector, exit sign, or lamp in your home or office has a small hole in the surface, looks slightly crooked, or has a quasi reflective surface.
  13. Certain types of items have “just appeared” in your home or office, but no one seems to know how they got there or where they came from.
  14. Debris or dry-wall dust has appeared on the floor next to the wall.
  15. You notice tiny pieces of ceiling tiles, or some type of “grit” on the floor, or on your desk. Also, you may observe chipped, gouged, or cracked ceiling tiles, or ones that are not properly set into the track, or are sagging.
  16. You notice that utility workers and “Phone Company” trucks are spending a lot of time close to your office or home doing repair work.
  17. Cable, telephone, air conditioning repair, or plumbers show up to do work when no one contacted them.
  18. Delivery trucks or service trucks are often parked nearby with no one (that you can see) in them.
  19. Your door locks suddenly feel like they’ve changed, they suddenly start to “stick”, or they don’t work at all.
  20. Furniture has been slightly shifted, and no one knows why.
  21. An eavesdropper or spy sends you a copy of your private conversations or meetings.
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Alaska – AK,
 American Samoa – AS,
 Arizona – AZ, 
Arkansas – AR,
 California – CA,
 Colorado – CO, Connecticut – CT,
 Delaware – DE,
District of Columbia – DC,
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 Nevada – NV,
 New Hampshire – NH,
 New Jersey – NJ,
 New Mexico – NM,
 New York – NY,
 North Carolina – NC,
 North Dakota – ND, 
Northern Mariana Islands – MP, 
Ohio – OH,
 Oklahoma – OK,
 Oregon – OR,
 Palau – PW,
Pennsylvania – PA,
 Puerto Rico – PR,
 Rhode Island – RI,
 South Carolina – SC,
 South Dakota – SD,
 Tennessee – TN,
 Texas – TX,
 Utah – UT,
 Vermont – VT,
 Virgin Island – VI,
 Virginia – VA,
 Washington – WA,
 West Virginia – WV,
 Wisconsin – WI,
 Wyoming – WY, Washington, D.C.

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  • CEO of Dial Corporation and Premier Cruise Lines


    Great Work! Thank you Michael for finding the illegal eavesdropping device in my office. I am still amazed by how small the bug was in size. I now have the peace of mind of feeling safe in my own office.

  • Chief Investigator of the U.S. Inspector Generals Office, Washington, DC


    I was really impressed with for the findings of the thousands of wiretaps and bugs for the Key Bank case. This case is one of the greatest expose I have ever seen.

    -Chief Investigator of the U.S. Inspector Generals Office,
    Washington, DC

  • CEO of Airlines Pilot Association & Eastern Airlines


    Thanks to for the great work in detecting the illegal eavesdropping device at our Miami office. We couldn’t believe that there was a bug in our office and regret not acting sooner on our suspicions. Thanks for your help and we will use you again.

  • J. Steinman, Medical Industry


    When I suspected that the private conversations in my office were being listened to by an outside party, I began to worry about my intellectual property that was being leaked out of the office. I called and bug sweep agent patiently listened to my situation and explained how they could help me resolve my issue. I decided to go with a bug sweep of my offices and sure enough found multiple audio bugs on the premises. Thanks to for giving me the peace of mind and confirming my suspicions. I would definitely recommend Bugged to anyone needing their services.

Steps in How to Protect Myself from Bugging Devices