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Bugged TSCM

As people and businesses alike become increasingly aware of the growing problems regarding personal and professional privacy, Bugged  TSCM sweeps and other counter-surveillance measures have risen in popularity and usefulness. Bugged TSCM services and counter surveillance are becoming more common as cyber data taps and other eavesdropping equipment become easier to find and less expensive to purchase.

What is Bugged TSCM?

Bugged TSCM, the field of Technical Surveillance Counter Measures, is a complicated and highly technical industry. It involves detection, thwarting, and protection against any unwanted surveillance. Countersurveillance equipment includes camera/bug detectors, audio jammers, noise generators, etc., and it takes years of training and experience to utilize this equipment to its full potential as a TSCM specialist. At Bugged.com, that is exactly what we bring to the table. With over thirty years of experience and the best training available, Bugged.com is the leader in this industry. That is why if you feel that you may be a potential target of a bug or cyber data tapping, it is imperative for your safety, privacy, and security that you place your trust in our expertise at Bugged.com.

Bugged.com’s team of highly trained Bugged TSCM Services technical officers is headed up by Michael Peros. Peros began his work studying mechanical engineering at the University of South Florida. From there, Peros received instruction from Glenn Whidden. Whidden was a top spy for the CIA and military for over 28 years. Whidden took Peros under his wing, training him and teaching him everything he needed to know about bugs and wiretaps.

It was Peros who discovered over 65,000 illegal intercepts through bugs and wiretaps in the Key Bank case in Tampa, Florida, the largest case of illegal wiretapping at the local, state, and federal law enforcement levels. His work in this fascinating case earned him the praise of the Chief Investigator of the U.S. General Inspector’s Office in Washington, DC.

Before long, Peros began constructing a team of other highly trained, knowledgeable technicians and passed on his training and knowledge to them. Each team member brings his or her own technical expertise and point of view on bugged TSCM services. Along with this, we also have over one hundred thousand dollars’ worth of ITAR TSCM equipment. Only Bugged.com can claim to have discovered over 130,000 bugs and bugged data wiretaps, thus proving that our skills are unmatched.

Cyber TSCM includes the detection of eavesdropping threats and vulnerabilities within Wi-Fi, Bluetooth & Cellular networks. This includes the devices, the networks and the associated connections. Internet of Things (IoT) devices are included within the Cyber TSCM umbrella.

Cyber TSCM also includes detection of spyware, malware and malicious payloads via software installed on the devices &/or networks. As well, it includes detection of hybrid eavesdropping devices.

Bugged was the first privately owned counterespionage company to be published as identifying the need for “BuggedTSCM.” More specifically, Bugged identified Bugged TSCM as a more accurate depiction of the best level of TSCM service to address emerging cyber and hybrid technical surveillance threats.

Why Is Bugged TSCM Important?
Securing information and managing cyber risk in an increasingly connected, data driven world is critical. Data is continually created, transferred or stored on devices and/or on networks. Without the proper security, an eavesdropper can exploit the networks, devices and/or connections to steal valuable data and/or compromise privacy. Smartphones, remote cloud data storage, wi-fi camera systems, remote access security apps, smart assistants (e.g. Alexa), BYOD to work, GSM and hybrid bugging devices, etc. add complexity to the task of protecting confidential and/or private information. The appropriate technical security measures for the detection and prevention of these threats must be implemented. Bugged TSCM services address this need.

What is the Difference Between TSCM and Bugged TSCM?
TSCM is an acronym for Technical Surveillance Countermeasures. TSCM involves detecting traditional electronic eavesdropping devices. These are devices that generally require an eavesdropper, or their accomplice(s), to physically recover the device to access the collected information. TSCM also includes physical wire tapping where the eavesdropper can access the information from the tap location along the line. Ultimately, this means that an eavesdropper faces a high risk of detection when installing the device and/or when recovering the eavesdropping device(s) from the collection site.

Bugged  TSCM involves detecting eavesdropping threats and vulnerabilities within Wi-Fi, Bluetooth & Cellular networks, the associated devices and the connection(s). Devices and mechanisms such as GSM bugs, IMSI catchers, device spyware/malware, rogue devices on Wi-Fi networks, compromised Bluetooth devices, unauthorized networks, etc. are included. Generally, the cyber eavesdropper (or their accomplice) faces a lower risk of detection since they do not have to return to the collection site to recover the information. As well, access to information can be long-term if the eavesdropping devices are energy efficient (sound or motion activated), or the cyber access cannot be quickly stopped. And, the use of a virtual private network (VPN), phone number spoofing apps, or generic email addresses can mask the digital trail (and identity) of the eavesdropper.

Why Is Bugged TSCM Such an Important Element of a Cybersecurity Program?
The personnel who maintain the cybersecurity program are trained to detect network threats. They are not trained, or equipped, to detect eavesdropping devices. As well, eavesdropping exploitations of the cellular network or use of hybrid eavesdropping devices are not within their area of expertise. If your cybersecurity program does not include Bugged TSCM, you could be missing a very credible threat. For instance, eavesdropping devices can be used to push data out over the cellular network. And, hybrid eavesdropping devices can be disguised as harmless data cables. The results of these types of eavesdropping attacks can just as devastating as an IT related cybersecurity issue.

Bugged TSCM Inspection detects electronic eavesdropping devices and/or technical intrusions via remote access attack. These attacks are conducted via GSM, 3G & 4G, and provide remote cellular access and collection of your confidential information. Cyber intruders use these attacks to gain unauthorized access (from anywhere in the world) to your data via a mobile phone signal.  Bugged TSCM services designed to detect anomalies associated with GSM, 3G & 4G and Advanced Persistent Threats (APT) attacks.

What are Hybrid Devices?
Hybrid devices are devices that are commonly found in offices or homes which have been repurposed as eavesdropping devices. So, while the device would not be suspect because of its appearance and/or location, it is actually a very credible threat that can only be detected through use of Bugged TSCM methods.

Hybrid Threat Example: A CAT 5 cable (just like this one) plugged into the back of your phone or computer with an embedded “fiberoptic microphone” which is plugged into an access port or phone, etc. in your office, conference room or home. This cyber eavesdropping threat can pick up a whisper from across a room. The intel gained from this type of device may be listened to via real time, via digital recording device, or boosted out over the cellular, wi-fi or bluetooth network. How long do you think it would take to install this eavesdropping device which simply needs to be “plugged” in? This is a very serious eavesdropping threat that could stay in place, undetected for YEARS if you do not perform routine Bugged TSCM surveys.

Bugged TSCM Inspections

Bugged Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (Bugged TSCM) inspections are globally unique in that we use unique equipment and processes. Bugged is uniquely positioned to provide clients with preeminent Bugged TSCM Counter Measures Services. Our Bugged,  TSCM Services detect active & passive, internal and external threats. These inspections help to protect valuable intellectual property, trade secrets, and proprietary data, financial and other electronically stored private information. Additionally, our Bugged TSCM Inspections protect against advanced persistent threats (APT) and numerous malware variants, and provide of pre-attack intelligence against industrial espionage and “hacktivist” assault.

Our Bugged TSCM Inspections identify exploitable pathways and system entry points that are vulnerable to unauthorized remote system access. Bugged unique radio frequency spectrum analysis will also provide a professional evaluation of your business executive offices or facility’s security posture against electronic eavesdropping and GSM / 3G / 4G and CDMA remote cellular attacks. The Bugged TSCM Inspection consists of thorough electronic and physical examinations to detect unauthorized audio, cellular and optical devices (Technical Surveillance Device

No other Bugged TSCM service company can claim to have the advanced training, field work, and expertise that the professionals at Bugged.com have. Our various TSCM services have taken us all over the world; Moscow, Shanghai, and Jerusalem, Mongolia, Central, South America, Kiev, Romania, Germany, England, Canada,  just to name a few. Even national governments have called upon Bugged .com for our expertise. What other company can claim that? We are the oldest and greatest Bugged TSCM service provider in the world, with thousands of satisfied clients. In the often complicated field of Bugged TSCM service, no one comes close to Bugged.com and its team or ITAR TSCM equipment.

Technical Surveillance Countermeasures may seem like a difficult field of work, but Bugged.com has perfected it to a fast, efficient, and effective service – the likes of which no one else can offer. Don’t settle for a lesser company who won’t get the job done correctly. Go for the professionals who know what they’re doing, the ones who have earned worldwide trust as the leaders in the industry. CALL NOW at 1-866-292-3711) or email us at cyberbugged@gmail.com. Bugged.com: The Pioneers of electronic privacy.


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