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Wow! Another milestone in the history of man…

Wow! Another milestone in the history of man…


September 5th, 1977. Star Wars was in the movie theaters, Jimmy Carter was in his first year at the oval office, and with a median household income of $13,572, families could afford the 65 cents for a gallon of gasoline. The boys at the controls were all set to launch the Voyager I, and here we are now, 36 years later, and the craft they launched so long ago is now making another giant leap for mankind as the first man-made object to leave the solar system.

We’ve made a lot of progress down here while our friend Voyager was on it’s sightseeing trip. The technological advances have propelled us by leaps and bounds into a future that we’d only imagined in every area of human ingenuity, intelligence, comfort, and convenience. And, as with all other areas of scientific innovation, the quest to know all about our neighbors and get a leg up on our competitors is no different.

1962_Wiretap_adLook at this ad from 1962. Remember when phones had to be attached to a wall? We’ve come a long way, for sure! From the days before Watergate to now, a time of “1984-like” government intrusion, the world of surveillance and stealing secrets has gotten more sophisticated than ever. And with governments now hungry for the ravenous collection of every single email, phone call, and the location of every place you’ve been with facial recognition software, this world has definitely changed. The tools to combat the overreaching grip of those who would deter the freedoms of a life lived our own way are more necessary now than ever.

What once was the stuff of old Bond movies is now available to the consumer market. And it should be – the right to bear arms gives us our last ditch effort at protecting our freedoms from authoritarian rule, but what about protecting our interests prior to that?

Not only that, but with the current state of economic savagery, where monopolistic companies are vying for every last drip of total market control, we have personally seen and uncovered bugs in corporate headquarters, banks, and places where one would never expect.


Pro Detection Kit – capable of detecting wiretaps, bugs, cameras, and more



That’s why devices like these (pictured), far removed from the “high tech” devices of the 60’s and 70’s, are so crucial to protecting our assets, our freedoms, and the lives that we choose to live.




So, as we continue to safeguard our interests, innovate and build on new sustainable technologies, and advance into a new and uncertain future, we can at least look out into the cosmos and know that we’re trying to get to a better place. Oh, and one last thing – what happens if an alien life form picks up our probe as it drifts off into unknown places? Among pictures, greetings in various languages, and more, there’s a disc with Chuck Berry’s “Johnny B Goode” on it.



AUTHOR - Carlos Reyes

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