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Vancouver Man Admits to Using Hidden Camera to Film Self in Bed with Woman

Vancouver Man Admits to Using Hidden Camera to Film Self in Bed with Woman

  • spy-cam-for-blog.jpg The string of crimes involving hidden cameras continues in this latest story. In Vancouver, Canada, a man has pleaded guilty to two counts of video voyeurism. His crime?  He videotaped himself having sex with two unsuspecting women using a hidden camera. As a result, he has been sentenced to nine months in jail.

    60 year old Timothy Roy Beith filmed himself in the act of having sex with two homeless and drug addicted woman in the Continental Hotel on Vancouver’s east side. The range of these sex acts and recordings is from February 2009 to December 2010. When delivering the sentence to the guilty man, British Columbia Supreme Court Madam Justice Catherine Bruce noted that the man’s crimes were not spontaneous; he carefully and deliberately planned to take advantage of these two women in the Downtown East Side area.

    In reference to the crime, Justice Bruce released the following statement: “Mr. Beith’s actions must be condemned in the strongest possible terms because he chose the weakest members of the community for his victims.”

    Beith took extra special care to hide his camera carefully so that no one would see it as he recorded the sex acts. He then spliced the images of his sex acts with those of regular pornography in several of the videos that he made during the time of the recordings. He did not distribute these videos, however, and used them only for himself.

    The police first began their search in April 2001. Upon their search, police discovered Beith watching one of the videos of himself and one of the woman, who did not want to be identified for privacy reasons.  The judge also made sure to include the fact that Beith already had a lengthy criminal record before he was convicted of this newest crime. This criminal report includes a conviction in 2004 for one count of sexual assault involving three women.

    He provided the victims with drugs or alcohol until they passed out and then had sex with them. He also secretly videotaped the assaults. After pleading guilty to sexual assault, Beith received a 30-month jail term. When he was released on parole he breached his parole conditions.

    The judge said there were few mitigating circumstances for Beith and noted that he felt no remorse, and in fact believed the victims were using him. An assessment of him found that while he had no major mental illnesses, he did possess some psychopathic traits and was a high-risk to re-offend.

    The judge imposed a nine-month jail term but reduced the sentence to five months after giving credit for pre-sentence custody. Beith also received three years’ probation.

    The prosecuting attorney’s had called for a two- to three-year jail term while the defense argued that a conditional sentence was appropriate.

    The bald and bearded man, wearing red prison-issued clothing, sat quietly in the prisoner’s dock during sentencing. He had little reaction to the sentence.

    One of the two victims sat in the Vancouver courtroom, at the back of the public gallery. Outside court, she hugged the prosecuter counsel before leaving the courthouse.

AUTHOR - Carlos Reyes

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