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Home or Residential TSCM bug sweeps services for businesses or corporations, homes. for business owners, executives, politicians, diplomats and other individuals who are concerned about electronic eavesdropping and CYBERCOM TSCM bug sweep services.

CYBERCOM TSCM bug sweep – Technical Surveillance Counter Measures – finding out who’s finding out about you

As individuals start to know about the rising obstructions towards individual and business privacy, TSCM bug sweep services and other counter-reconnaissance measures have expanded in their use and need. With wiretap and other spyware services gear ascending in their levels of availability, TSCM bug clear administrations is turning out to be generally recognized.

What is TSCM bug sweep services ?

TSCM bug clear administrations is an extremely intricate and wide industry with various fortes including the revealing and avoidance of any unlawful wiretaps and bugs.

Countersurveillance equipment includes :

  • TSCM bug sweep ITAR GOVERMENT COMPLIANT Hidden Camera Detection
  • TSCM bug sweep ITAR GOVERMENT COMPLIANT Audio/Video Bug Detection
  • TSCM bug sweep ITAR GOVERMENT COMPLIANT Phone Wiretapping Detection
  • TSCM bug sweep ITAR GOVERMENT COMPLIANT Listening Device Detection
  • TSCM bug sweep ITAR GOVERMENT COMPLIANT Smart Phone Bug Detection
  • TSCM bug sweep ITAR GOVERMENT COMPLIANT GPS Tracking Detection

It generally entails quite a while of learning and comprehension as a TSCM specialist to utilize this gear to its maximum capacity. Here at, that is precisely our function. With an exceptional duration of more than 30 years of experience and knowledge gathering, we can state that we are the best counter-surveillance authorities known to man. That is the reason that on the off chance that you feel undermined by a bug or wiretap, it’s important that you contact and depend on us for help.

Jerusalem May 20, 2015 sorry to say, just as predicted by Michael Peros TSCM Bug Sweep CTO from June 5, 2015 China hacks FED and U.S government employees

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  • Great Work! Thank you Michael for finding the illegal eavesdropping device in my office. I am still amazed by how small the bug was in size. I now have the peace of mind of feeling safe in my own office.

    5 Stars
  • I was really impressed with for the findings of the thousands of wiretaps and bugs for the Key Bank case. This case is one of the greatest expose I have ever seen.

    5 Stars
  • Thanks to for the great work in detecting the illegal eavesdropping device at our Miami office. We couldn't believe that there was a bug in our office and regret not acting sooner on our suspicions. Thanks for your help and we will use you again.

    5 Stars’s team of highly trained TSCM Bug sweep technical team is led by Micheal Peros. He is an alum of mechanical engineering from the University of South Florida where he met and was guided and trained by Glenn Whidden on bugs and wiretaps. Glenn Whidden was a leading spy for the CIA and the military.

It was Peros who found the more than 65,000 illicit intercepts through unlawful bugs and wiretaps in the Key Bank, case in BCCI scandal, Tampa, Florida, the biggest instance of unlawful surveillance at all levels of law enforcement. His monstrous commitment to this notorious case got him consideration and acclaim from the Chief Investigator of the U.S General Inspector’s office in Washington D.C.

After a short time, Peros shaped his own particular group of specialists and experts with quality tutelage while passing on precious knowledge to them. Every one of them bringing his own particular specialized know-how and exceptional point of view on TCSM bug sweep services. We have more than two hundred thousand dollars’ worth of ITAR Approved TSCM bug sweep ITAR hardware. At, we confidently boast of having revealed more than 65,000 wiretaps and bugs, unequivocally demonstrating that we are the best in the business.

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