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Thief Uses Doggy Door to Break Into Home: Did He Use the Litter Box too?

Thief Uses Doggy Door to Break Into Home: Did He Use the Litter Box too?

thief-cartoon-pic.jpgIn Houston, Texas, a thief has decided to get a little creative with the way he secretly enters homes to commit the crime. Many other thieves would climb through a broken window, pick the door’s lock, or some other conventional way; but that was a little too mundane for this petty criminal. The hidden camera the family placed to monitor their home has captured this man breaking into the home by using the most unconventional of methods: he slipped in through the doggy door. Police and a Montrose neighborhood are now on the hunt for this bandit, and with this footage, he should be caught very soon.

The break in was just this past Wednesday. Following another incident last week, the family decided to make an investment towards their own personal security and install a hidden camera. The camera faces the door of their home, and was able to easily capture the evidence of this man breaking into their home by squeezing through the family’s doggie door.

“Our neighbors behind us at an open house saw the guy trying to get into our house. They called the police and said there is a guy that has his arm in your doggie door and is reaching around,” said the homeowner, who preferred to keep his identity secret.

For the first 10 minutes of the video, we can clearly see the burglar pacing around the backyard, talking to someone on his cell phone.

“It is not just him, he has got an accomplice that cruises around the neighborhood looking for anyone coming,” said the homeowner. “And he is on his phone the whole time.”

The next part you see in the video is the man managing to squeeze through the doggie door to begin stealing goods. He is in the home for approximately 4 minutes and 8 seconds, and he manages to get inside the house and steal a few items without setting off the burglar alarm the family had also implemented.

“He took a pillowcase and used that to put his loot in. So we came home and one of our pillows had no case on the bed,” the homeowner said.

According to the home owner’s reports, the man got away a few electronics and several other items. He was stole anything on which he could get his hands.

The Police have reported that there has been a number of similar cases in the area, including two in which the burglar used the same method of entry into the home: breaking in through the doggie door of the home. One of these incidents happened just this past December, and was even on the same street as the case on which we are reporting now.

“The police call him the Ghost because no one has ever gotten a picture of him,” the homeowner said. But now, thanks to the implementation of the hidden camera by the targeted family in this case, the police now have over 100 clear images of him. With concrete and conclusive evidence like this, it is only a matter of time before this thieving thug faces the gavel.


AUTHOR - Carlos Reyes

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