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Spider-Man Burglar Raids Supermarket in England

Spider-Man Burglar Raids Supermarket in England

spiderman-burglar.jpgIt is incredible what we miss when we are not around. That is why, for our own safety and security, it is so important that you have a reliable, efficient, and effective CCTV security surveillance system to monitor your home or office. Studies have shown that crime is greatly reduced in areas that have an effective CCTV security surveillance system; and even if a crime does still happen, CCTV provides irrefutable evidence against the suspect charged with the crime. In Merseyside, England, a supermarket was raided by what the press is calling a “Spiderman” style burglar.

The CCTV security surveillance footage released to the local media shows a man with a Scream horror movie mask worn over his face as he suddenly drops down from the ceiling and gills two bags with cigarettes from the display. After filling up his bags, the thief climbs back up to the ceiling and pulling his two full bags back up through the ceiling using ropes. He then jumps back down to steal even more cigarettes.

The staff, when asked about the break in, say that the burglar must have used many different pieces of equipment to cut through the roof and ceiling of the supermarket, as it is multi-layered with several different types of materials.

Matt Mahalingam, 31, who is a partner in the Pendle Drive Supersaver in Litherland, said that the approximate cost of the stolen goods is around the thousands of dollars range, and the total cost to repair the damage to the store will be an additional $2,000. The burglary took place during the early hours on Tuesday, and is only the latest in a string of recent burglary attacks upon the local supermarket.

Last summer, a staff member and father of two was attacked by a female patron of the market. She punched him in the face and even bit him. The staff member required some hospital attention, but was soon back to work.

Mr. Mahalingam said that he is not new to various forms of attacks and threats, whether it is from various recent confrontations with burglars to racial slurs and comments. He was once even threatened with a metal bar.

About this most recent burglary, Mr. Mahalingam says: “We have all had a tough time in the shop recently and this raid could not have come at a worse time for the business. We have been having problems with some kids on the estate recently. They have been throwing bricks at our windows and the racist abuse just never stops. But I cannot believe the CCTV footage. This man has cut his way through our roof with heavy tools while wearing a mask from a horror film.”

A police spokesman confirmed the crime was reported to them on Tuesday morning. He added that the cigarettes and alcohol were all accounted as stolen, and that there is currently an investigation into the crime. With this conclusive evidence, captured by CCTV security surveillance footage, it should only be a matter of time before this criminal is brought to justice.


AUTHOR - Carlos Reyes

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