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Small Town Considering CCTV for Security

Small Town Considering CCTV for Security

There is nothing like a trip to the countryside for a little rest and relaxation. It’s quiet, different, and safe. Or is it? Reports of vandalism in the quiet parish of Woodhall Spa in England have got the whole town wondering if a CCTV security surveillance system would be in their best interest.
There have already been several estimates to figure out just how much vandalism is occurring around Woodhall Spa. They look optimistic, but some members of the community feel that their estimates are underrepresented and that there is actually a lot more vandalism happening than people are aware of.

A member of the community made this claim after revealing that several other members of the community regularly have to commission repair crews and teams to work on their homes after incidents of vandalism. These events were unreported and were not taken into account by the officials creating the vandalism estimates.

This disturbing news came to light when the town had its annual meeting. The town members and officials were discussing the possibility of installing several CCTV security surveillance cameras around the town to make sure that the vandalism problem was solved. The Parish Council has begun to consider installing cameras in criminal hot spots so that crime in the area can be reduced and the parish can feel safer.

However, other residents began to question whether or not there was enough crime in the area to justify the installation of several CCTV security surveillance cameras. According to the officials at the meeting, there had only been four reported incidents of vandalism and other anti-social behavior in the area. But remember, this does not take into account all of the incidents that continue to go unreported.

One resident told the meeting: “There aren’t enough incidents to justify a CCTV system. There should be a different set of priorities for the village.”

Another resident claimed the installation of cameras would a ‘knee jerk reaction’ and stressed Woodhall was a safe place to live.

However, one resident – who was not named – said there were instances of vandalism that were never reported.

He said: “Lots of vandalism goes on and there are dedicated people in the village who are up and about before most other people and they put it right. “

Despite the claim, many people at the annual meeting were against the idea of CCTV. One said: “Cameras would have some value but it would be a bit like Big Brother is watching you.”

Parish council chairman David Clarke said the idea for a CCTV system had been triggered by acts of vandalism which included an arson attack on a village museum.

He said the council was keen to get feedback from residents before deciding whether to take the discussions any further.

Councilman Clarke added: “We need to know what people think. As a country, we already have the largest number of cameras in the world. Clearly, systems have their merits – and their disadvantages. If the police said yes, cameras would help then we would have to take that on board. However, there are considerations, like costs and who would operate and monitor the cameras.”


AUTHOR - Carlos Reyes

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