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GPS Monitoring Service (Recurring Billing)

From: $0.00 every 3 months and a $39.95 sign-up fee

GPS Monthly Monitoring

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GPS Monthly Service fee is a recurring billing.The billing/operational cycle is from the first day until the last day of each month. If a customer desires to cancel service, this cancellation must be provided to Bugged at by creating a support ticket online within 15 Business days prior to the last day of the month of contract. Please check your email to confirm that we have received your support ticket as emails may go to junk/spam folders. If this cancellation is not received by this time, the cost for the entire upcoming months will be due. Service Plans are non-refundable. Upon completing the activation of your device, you will be charged an activation fee of $39.95 (unless previously paid at purchase). Monthly plans will also be charged a prorated first months fee. Example: If you are activating your device on the 15th-31st of the month, you will be charged 50% of the monthly service fee for the first month plus your monthly prepaid service plan. If you are activating your device from the 1st to 14th of the month, you will be charged the full monthly service fee. Your next charge will always be on the 1st of the month for the upcoming month of service plan. *If service is terminated after purchased plan, a re-activation fee will apply and may take up to 5 business days to re-activate service plan.


3 Months- $79.95/mo., 6 Months- $49.95/mo., 12 Months- $29.95/mo., OBD 12 Months $39.95/mo.

Activation Fee



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