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Digital SNITCH Wall Clock with DVR


This Covert Clock Camera with a Battery Backup Can Go on Any Wall. Record hidden video footage at home or in your office with this battery-powered wall clock camera.

  • Full Color 720p Video
  • AC Power & 5-Hour Backup Battery
  • Motion-Activated Video

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  • Disguised as a stylish wall clock
  • Motion activated camera
  • Stores onto a Micro SD card, up to 32GB (not included)
  • Very simple setup

This stylish wall clock is great for homes and businesses. Tell the time and see who has been in and out of the room with ease. The camera is advanced enough that you can clearly capture an entire room of activity. All of the recording is also self-contained, so there are no additional hookups or plug-ins necessary. Best of all, unlike many other covert cameras and hidden devices, this ingenious camera and recorder is motion-activated, ensuring that you utilize every second of the recording space. The data is stored onto Micro SD Cards (not included) – very similar to what is used by standard digital cameras. Just take the card and plug it into your laptop computer to see what you have recorded, or just plug the whole device into your computer using the included USB Cord. There’s no additional software or installation required; the data can be viewed on many standard media players, including Windows Media Player and VLC. This comsec device is perfect for any room you feel you need to have under surveillance.


  • Covert High Resolution Analog Clock Camera
  • RCA Cables
  • Remote control
  • Manual
Weight 3.00 lbs
Dimensions 16.00 × 3.25 × 16.00 in
Upgrade High Speed Memory

— NONE –, 2GB Micro SD Card (+19.95), 4GB Micro SD Card (+29.95), 8GB Micro SD Card (+39.95), 16GB Micro SD Card (+59.95), 32GB Micro SD Card (+79.95)


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