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Digital SNITCH Pro Audio Jammer


Digital Snitch Pro Audio Jammer adds an extra layer of security by masking your conversations and making them unintelligible to eavesdropping devices. Protect your conversations from any eavesdropping microphone and protect your peace of mind.

  • Great for large rooms
  • Easy to use
  • Keeps your private conversations private
  • Adjustable volume control

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If you are concerned that the privacy of your conversations are susceptible to eavesdropping devices, the Digital Snitch Pro Audio Jammer is for you. Without your knowledge, an unintended audience could be listening to your private conversations. Add an extra layer of protection and confidentiality by ensuring that your private conversations remain private.

The easily portable Digital Snitch Pro Audio Jammer broadcasts a sound muffling white noise that mimic the frequency of your own speech pattern. By so doing it masks and camouflages your conversations thus making the sounds unintelligible to an eavesdropping device. The fusion of your voice and the white noise creates an integrated effect that prevents the recording device from distinguishing your voice separately from the background noise. This discrete device will derail and disrupt any attempts to intercept your private conversations. The Digital Snitch Pro Audio Jammer is effective against microphone-based eavesdropping devices such as tape recorders, radio frequency (RF) transmitters, hardwired microphones, and shotgun microphones.

Digital Snitch Pro Audio Jammer is a highly reliable piece of equipment in the technical counter surveillance measures (TSCM) field. Don’t be vulnerable to eavesdroppers. Safeguard your conversations concerning personal information, business strategy, or government related issues by making Pro Audio Jammer a part of your confidentiality solution. If you need help with technical counter surveillance measures then this product at is perfect for you.

Note: The Digital Snitch Pro Audio Jammer emits a white noise which can possibly be heard by the human ear, depending on volume adjustment and room size.

Weight 1.00 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 1 in