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Refurbished by Factory Digital Snitch NLJD

$38,779.00 $24,779.00


Can detect cameras, audio and video recorders, cellular phones, 3G, wifi, bluetooth, with or without power.

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SuperBroom is an advanced non-linear junction detector (NLJD) with simultaneous analysis of the second and third harmonic returns form the target. The transmitter and two receivers are frequency synthesised thereby completely eliminating any frequency drift as the receivers are always locked to the transmitter frequency. By comparing the second and third harmonic return signals the operator is able to determine with greater confidence whether the signals are coming from an electronic or non-electronic source. Both versions have variable transmit power outputs (30-300mW -ECM; 30Mq-3w-Plus), which enables precise location of the target. SuperBroom is fully portable and is supplied ready for operation in a rugged flight case with all necessary accessories.


Weight 38 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 16 × 12 in