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Digital Snitch Compu Catch

$149.00 $129.95

  • Works with all versions of Windows and Linux
  • Can record ALL keystrokes (easily select from two levels of recording – default setting includes the Number Pad numbers)
  • Instant access to the recorded log. See all the data in seconds, even when the keylogger is full.
  • Small enough to allow most USB cables to be inserted in the adjacent USB port
  • 4MB memory – 2000 pages of text – About a full year’s worth of typing! Easy to erase and start over.
  • Quick and easy national keyboard layout to support all major language keyboards (except double-character Asian languages). Defaults to English
  • 64bit Encryption to protect sensitive data

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The Digital Snitch Compu Catch records everything typed on a USB keyboard, is 100% stealthy and has 4 MB of memory to hold 2000 pages of text (one full year of typing). Absolutely no software is required and Digital Snitch Compu Catch is completely invisible to any software. Digital Snitch Compu Catch is the stealthiest hardware keyloggers in existence – they are very hard to detect! This is our most popular keylogger and perfectly meets the needs of most people.Works with wireless USB keyboards too!

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 7 × 3 in


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