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Digital SNITCH Coke Can 4GB Camera Recorder

$459.00 $229.95

  • Disguised as a Coke can
  • Easy to use
  • Covert, high quality recording
Thirsty? Why not grab a can of frosty, delicious Coke Zero? And while you’re at it, go ahead and monitor all of the activity in a room with the Coke Can Camera. High quality video and audio recording with the design of a common can of Coca-Cola, this device also has built-in memory. 4GB of recording space allows for completely self-contained recording of any activity you’re trying to capture. Great for parties, concerts, and other social events. With built-in memory and a USB hookup, this camera was made for versatility and high quality.
Also, with 640×480 resolution, you will never have any trouble seeing who is doing what when you go back to the view the recorded data. And reviewing the data you have collected has never been easier. All of the recording is completely self-contained. There’s no replacing or removing the card. Just plug the can directly into your computer using the included USB cable and you will see everything. There is no additional software or installation required. Just plug and play! If you are suspicious that you have been or are being recorded, visit for wiretap detection services.
  • Coke Can Camera
  • Remote control
  • USB Cord
  • AC Adapter for power
  • Instruction manual
Weight 0.25 lbs
Dimensions 3.50 × 5.00 × 3.50 in


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