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Digital SNITCH Button Camera and Recorder

$150.00 $99.95

  • Disguised as a button
  • Easy application and setup
  • Built in memory- 4GB

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The ultimate piece of spy gear! Cleverly disguised as a button, this high-quality camera can easily capture everything around you as you go throughout your day. Built in 4GB of memory for tons of storage. Also has a USB port which will allow the camera to easily hookup to any computer for retreiving your data. And this camera is easy to operate, too. It comes with a magnetic ring that can be worn on your finger at all times. When you’re wearing the ring and you have the button on, simply tap the ring to the button and the button cam will begin recording automatically.

In addition to being extremely covert, this device is also very versatile. Sure it’s a button, but it doesn’t always have to be. You always have the option of hiding it somewhere and using it as a stationary covert camera. And, this device also takes snapshots in addition to the continuous video, so you have even morte options. And viewing your recorded data is easy, too. There’s no additional software or installation required, and all the memory is self-contained. Just plug it in to your computer using the included USB connection cable and you’re all set.
  • Button Camera
  • USB Cord
  • Replacement Buttons
  • Instruction Manual



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