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Samsung Targeted by Corporate Spies

Samsung Targeted by Corporate Spies

samsung.jpg Can anyone really be the victim of spying, or is it just a piece of fiction thought up by some very creative writers? As it turns out, in today’s reality, anyone can be a victim of spying, from a common individual to a corporate giant. In this particular case, it is in fact the corporate giant that has found itself on the wrong side of an espionage story. The number of corporate secrets and the value of information that was stolen still remain unclear, but one thing is certain: the potential damage that can be done when your personal or financial information is stolen is limitless.

Samsung, a well known global cell phone manufacturing company, has made claims that rival cell phone developer LG stole some of their corporate secrets relating to their OLED display technology. Samsung is now demanding that LG apologize for their corporate espionage actions and will be pressing charges against the company, according to reports.

Earlier this week, several LG employees were charged with leaking secrets from Samsung to their own manufacturers, according to Korean newswire Yonhap. Among the group of people charged were a few LG executives, all of whom were working as Samsung employees as a way to learn some of Samsung’s corporate secrets

In a statement, Samsung said it stands to lose “trillions of [Korean currency] won” from the leak. “Executives of LG Display, which lacks OLED technology and related human resources, took the lead in this criminal act in order to overcome their shortcomings as quickly as possible,” it added.

However, in a recent statement from LG that comes as a response to these allegations, LG says that they have never been involved in any kind of corporate espionage or anything else along those lines. In their statement, they also threatened to sue Samsung for defamation of character as a result of the now public charges. “LG Display’s products boast excellent technology and even received a presidential award with the OLED panel for 55-inch screens. We do not need Samsung’s technology which works under a totally different display system.”

The information obtained, LG stresses in a separate e-mail, is widely known in the industry and isn’t considered a trade secret, writes The Register’s Phil Muncaster. Seoul-based LG Display said it plans to take legal action against Samsung Display, a unit of Samsung Electronics, for defamation.

The technology behind OLED displays makes for lighter and thinner screens than traditional LCDs and requires no backlight. The display technology is spearheading the next generation of displays, although its use is restricted mainly to smart phones currently due to the high cost, but as use of OLED increases, prices are expected to drop.

OLED televisions are becoming available as thin as 4 millimeters and produce sharper images than liquid-crystal-display models. Shipments of OLED TVs may surge 62-fold to 2.1 million sets in 2015 from 34,000 in 2012, according to an estimate by iSuppli.

There is still no word at this point on how far this could go, but what is known for sure is that anyone can be a victim of this kind of spying, and you need a way to protect yourself.

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