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North Yorkshire Keeps CCTV

North Yorkshire Keeps CCTV

north-yorkshire-cctv.jpg You have to be grateful for good timing. In North Yorkshire, England, police were able to utilize a CCTV security surveillance camera to review footage of a drunken fight that happened outside of a local bar. This camera captured every detail and helped the police make an arrest. This was an example of great timing because it was on that day that the camera was supposed to be uninstalled due to budgetary reasons.

Now, as a result of this incident, many businesses in the area demanding that the local government rethink its plan to shut down the cameras to save money. As this example so thoroughly proved, CCTV security surveillance is a necessity to ensure the safety of civilians.

One man involved in the fight was arrested after police were able to positively identify his face from the recorded security footage. The camera was meant to be turned off that day, but citizens voted to leave the camera on for just an extra few days to maintain their safety. Councilors had decided to turn off the cameras to save money, but a petition from the locals allowed the cameras to stay on and keep recording.

The cameras practically paid for themselves recently when they captured a dangerous brawl between several men at the Bishop Blaize pub in the Market Place.  The police were notified of the incident by the CCTV security surveillance operators who watched the incident unfold from their monitoring station.

One of the men in the brawl, a 21 year old from Sunderland, was arrested after a car mirror he damaged a car mirror in the fight and injured another man.

Gary Buck, a local businessman and the landlord of the Buck Hotel, said of the plan to remove the cameras: “It is a cost-cutting exercise, but the cameras are too important to lose.”

The landlord of the Turf pub, Steve Moss, said the incidents released a similar statement, claiming that the incident proved the importance of the town’s CCTV system.

“They are completely essential and if they were lost it would affect the safety of people in the town. It is not nice for this to happen to the town and without the cameras it could become more frequent. I am on a radio link with other pubs in the town, the police and CCTV operators, so if I get any trouble in my pub and ask people to leave, I can call upon the camera operators to let them know who to look out for. The town would be lost without it, because we do not have enough police presence.”

Richmondshire District Council leader John Blackie said that although CCTV was due to be switched off on April 1, it was given a stay of execution after the authority received the petition with more than 1,700 signatures.

He said: “The CCTV is working; it continues to be monitored and will be until the meeting on April 24 to reopen the debate, but I am personally involved in making sure it stays on. Unfortunately, despite this, the incident at the weekend has still taken place and I am very concerned by the extent of the injuries the man suffered. We consulted with police, ambulance and the business association in Richmond and while they all said they found CCTV valuable, they were not able to help with its running costs.”

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