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New Mobile Cameras Help Catch Motorists

New Mobile Cameras Help Catch Motorists

cctv-stratford.jpg Technology is changing and adapting every day, and it would be smart for everyone to start to take advantage of that. Law enforcement has been utilizing the latest and greatest in technology to help us all feel safe and secure. New techniques are helping officers catch criminals and put the behind bars. England already has one of the world’s best CCTV security surveillance systems, and now they are using mobile spy cameras to monitor dangerous drivers.

In Staffordshire, law enforcement is planning to introduce eight new mobile spy cameras to help police catch violators on the run. These new spy cameras are designed to catch and record the registration numbers of vehicles as they drive by. This new project also includes the addition of 13 new fixed cameras, all of which are helping officers catch drivers who don’t have insurance or licenses.

Overall, crime across Staffordshire fell by 5,000 offences throughout the last 12 months, a drop of almost seven percent.

But recent intelligence reports have shown that cross-border criminals who use main roads to come into the county commit a significant amount of crime – in particular more serious offences such as burglary and vehicle crime.

Automatic Number Plate Recognition technology uses cameras to detect number plates and send information to a control centre, where it is analyzed to identify whether vehicles need to be stopped by the police.

Staffordshire County Council is expected to put £199,000 into the scheme on a one-off basis, and says the sum is broadly 50 per cent of the cost of the whole project.

Cabinet members are expected to approve the payment and the partnership with Staffordshire Police when they meet on Wednesday next week.

Councilor Robbie Marshall, cabinet member for regeneration and infrastructure, said: “If approved, these proposals would strengthen our partnership with the police to make Staffordshire even safer. It’s a message to criminals and the anti-social that we are on to them, whether they are trying to get away without a tax disc or intending to come here to cause trouble. Although crime is falling in Staffordshire we are certainly not complacent. This is one of a number of measures we will be introducing with partners including the police to reduce crime and fear of crime, so that people in Staffordshire can live safely.”

Chief Superintendent Jon Drake, the force’s county policing commander, said: “This initiative will continue to push our message to criminals that they are not welcome in the county. This technology, combined with an intelligence-led approach, will help us stop many criminals from targeting the county and allow us to track and catch those who do.”

Residents have welcomed the investment.

64 year old Ian Sharp, chairman of the Red Street Residents’ Association, in Chesterton, released this statement in support of the project: “We should all pay our road tax and insurance but those who don’t pay it are the ones who cost everyone else more money. If the authorities can catch them by using this technology, it is great. I do 18,000 to 20,000 miles a year and see the cameras. I don’t have a problem with them, but they shouldn’t be a substitute for police patrols who can also catch dangerous drivers.”

AUTHOR - Carlos Reyes

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