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New Hacker Group Poses Huge Threat

New Hacker Group Poses Huge Threat

unknowns.jpg A new group of internet hackers has just joined the fray. With the recent string of  computer hacker groups being founded across the world, such as Anonymous or LulzSec, it only makes sense that another group would emerge and start making headline right away. Are they trying to compete? What is this new group’s purpose? Are they working with Anonymous or LulzSec, or is this a completely individual sect? Only time will tell.

A shadowy group of hackers calling themselves “The Unknowns” claims that they have been able to break into the computer security networks of several high profile government and military groups, up to and including NASA, the U.S. Air Force, Harvard, the French Ministry of Defense and the European Space Agency. This immediately set off alarms in the various organizations that they have a new threat to their security; however, the group claims that they were only trying to expose security flaws in the networks.

The story made headline Wednesday night on ZDNet. ZDNet reported that the hacker group was able to hack into 10 different highly secure networks and leak sensitive information. The hackers then posted their results on Pastebin and uploaded military documents to MediaFire.

Softpedia reports that some of the hacks posted to Pastebin “seem to date back” to March.

NASA’s Glenn Research Center was one of the penetrated sites. Other sites hacked were the the U.S., the Thai Royal Navy, Bahrain Ministry of Defense, Renault Co. and the Jordanian Yellow Pages. As of yet, no representative from any of these organizations has made any kid of public or official comment regarding the matter. It is possible that they are afraid of retaliation, much like they have seen from other hacker groups like LulzSec and Anonymous.

The Unknowns announced the conquest on their Twitter account, which declares, “We are The Unknowns; Our Knowledge Talks and Wisdom Listens…”

The Unknowns say they want to improve online security:

“Victims, we have released some of your documents and data, we probably harmed you a bit but that’s not really our goal because if it was then all of your websites would be completely defaced but we know that within a week or two, the vulnerabilities we found will be patched and that’s what we’re actually looking for.

We’re ready to give you full info on how we penetrated threw your databases and we’re ready to do this any time so just contact us, we will be looking forward for this.

And for all the other websites out there: We’re coming, please, get ready, protect your website and stop us from hacking it, whoever you are. Contact us before we take action and we will help you, and will not release anything… It’s your choice now.”

The Unknowns position themselves as white hat hackers, not black hats. writes that the “hacking-for-good” stance “is similar to that of Malicious Security (MalSec), a newly formed Anonymous spin off that, ostensibly for ‘ethical purposes,’ leaked email addresses and passwords from several Romanian banks and government organizations.”

AUTHOR - Carlos Reyes

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