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New Delhi Police to Install CCTV Cams in 29 Shopping Areas

New Delhi Police to Install CCTV Cams in 29 Shopping Areas

cctv-cop-chases-self.jpg In New Delhi, India, the city police has told the Delhi High Court that they have taken big steps in securing and defending the city from future terror attacks and crimes. The most prominent part of this plan has been the installation of CCTV security surveillance cameras in 29 large shopping areas around the city. With these cameras, police will be able to monitor activity and prevent crime.

The police affirmed their goals of greater security in the New Delhi area in an affidavit submitted to Acting Chief Justice AK Sikri and Justice Rajiv Sahai Endlaw. According to that affidavit, police said that they have installed CCTV security surveillance cameras in many areas including Ramlila Ground and Karol Bagh.

There is a plan included in the affidavit that would call for the installation of CCTV security surveillance cameras in an additional 28 other shopping areas, including Model Town and GTB Nagar, here, the affidavit said.

The court was listening to a PIL of Society of Indian Law Firms, which was filed through the president of the Society, President Lalit Bhasin. The hearing was in regards to the terror attacks in India on September 7, 2011. President Bhasin wants to greatly increase the effectiveness of the police in terror situations to make sure that terror attacks such as those last year do not happen again.

According to the affidavit, the police force did indeed implement further training for police officers in order to prepare them better for terror attacks and situations like the one on September 7th, 2011. During the hearing, Bhasin described the Delhi Police’s steps towards improved safety as “insufficient” and sought actions on the lines of Maharashtra, another state in India which had taken large steps to protect itself after the incident in Mumbai in September. Bhasin felt that the New Delhi police should have been trying to emulate the steps taken by the police in Maharashtra.

Maharashtra government, besides establishing an NSG hub in Mumbai, had raised a special team of “Force One”, on the lines of NSG and also established 38 quick response teams (QRT) to deal with any future terror attacks in the state Bhasin said.

The court, which was apprised by the Home Ministry that it has given inputs to the city police, has now fixed the case for hearing on March 14.

Earlier, the court had issued notices to the Home Ministry and the Delhi Police and asked them to reply to the PIL within six weeks.

“The petitioner is seriously concerned about the lack of security and safety of the citizens of the state and city of Delhi and the law and order situation, in the wake of various terrorist attacks in the country and the recent audacious terrorist attack in the heart of the city of Delhi on September 7, 2011 at the gates of the Delhi High Court,” it said.

The recent events have also exposed basic intelligence failures, the lack of coordination among different governmental and bureaucratic functionaries as well as inadequate legal and regulatory mechanism and intent to cope with terrorist activities, it said.
The judicial intervention was the “only reliable course since the events of the last 15 years have demonstrated that merely relying upon promises of future action is insufficient and in fact is quickly forgotten”, it said.


AUTHOR - Carlos Reyes

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