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For over thirty years, it has been the goal of is to keep your business your business. That is why we provide the most cutting edge technology and equipment for customers in need of our products and services; GPS Tracking devices, TSCM services, bug sweeps, surveillance camera systems, spy gear, countersurveillance devices, child safety, and more.

With all of the advancements technology has made in the last thirty years, protecting yourself and your privacy has become much more technical. That is why has made its products and services so easy to use for everyday customers and clients who want to ensure their privacy. With our technical expertise in the field of Technical Surveillance Counter Measures, known as TSCM, we’re not just one option, we’re the GREATEST option. Other companies can claim they have high quality products or perform TSCM services well, but only can claim that we have detected over 65,000 illegal bugs and wiretaps worldwide. Why not go with the best in the business?

Our training and experience in TSCM has given us a unique perspective into the world of technical surveillance. We have an unparalleled understanding of electronic security devices, such as hidden camera systems, GPS tracking devices, personal security alarms, and digital audio recording devices. It is this incomparable comprehension into this field that allows us to sell the highest quality of these products and to provide an understanding of these products to our customers and clients. CALL NOW toll free 1-877-WIRETAP (1-877-947-3827) or email us at Contact Now if you want to learn more about TSCM services or bug sweeps.

Provided on this page are videos and interviews conducted by media outlets such as 48 Hours and CBS World and News Report, all of which goes into greater detail about’s history, products, services, as well as information regarding TSCM, as given by Michael Peros. This great source of information will give you an insight into how some of these covert devices work. Once you have gained a better understanding, you will have a better idea about what kind of product you’re looking for to fit your needs. Also, these clips will give you even more confidence about choosing for our electronic surveillance products and services.

Contact our media relations department at 1-877-WIRETAP (1-877-947-3827) or email our press office at [email protected].

Eavesdropping detection


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  • CEO of Dial Corporation and Premier Cruise Lines


    Great Work! Thank you Michael for finding the illegal eavesdropping device in my office. I am still amazed by how small the bug was in size. I now have the peace of mind of feeling safe in my own office.

  • Chief Investigator of the U.S. Inspector Generals Office, Washington, DC


    I was really impressed with for the findings of the thousands of wiretaps and bugs for the Key Bank case. This case is one of the greatest expose I have ever seen.

    -Chief Investigator of the U.S. Inspector Generals Office,
    Washington, DC

  • CEO of Airlines Pilot Association & Eastern Airlines


    Thanks to for the great work in detecting the illegal eavesdropping device at our Miami office. We couldn’t believe that there was a bug in our office and regret not acting sooner on our suspicions. Thanks for your help and we will use you again.

  • J. Steinman, Medical Industry


    When I suspected that the private conversations in my office were being listened to by an outside party, I began to worry about my intellectual property that was being leaked out of the office. I called and bug sweep agent patiently listened to my situation and explained how they could help me resolve my issue. I decided to go with a bug sweep of my offices and sure enough found multiple audio bugs on the premises. Thanks to for giving me the peace of mind and confirming my suspicions. I would definitely recommend Bugged to anyone needing their services.

Steps in How to Protect Myself from Bugging Devices


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