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Man Uses Hidden camera to Film Guests in Bathroom

Man Uses Hidden camera to Film Guests in Bathroom

small-camera.jpg The threat of hidden cameras being used to illegally spy on people continues to grow. More and more perverts are getting their criminal hands on these bugging devices every day and are being used to monitor activity without consent and catch people in their most private moments. This story comes to you from Lake Wylie, South Carolina, where a man is currently facing charges from the Sheriff’s office that he used a hidden camera to spy on people in his bathroom.

37 year old Jonathan Thompson has been charged with six counts of video voyeurism, a very serious crime that applies to people who use hidden cameras to spy on people in their private moments. According to the report of the criminal charges, he is accused of placing a hidden camera and recorder inside of his own bathroom during a St. Patrick’s Day party he was hosting.

The sheriff’s deputies reported that the camera was discovered by one of the party goers. The report says that one of the guests entered the bathroom and noticed a child’s sock with a hole cut into inside the bathroom that was positioned as if it were meant to watch the toilet.

Upon inspection, the man noticed that it was a hidden camera and recording device. He reported his discovery to York County sheriff’s deputies, stressing that he was very concerned because there were children who were also present at the party.

Deputies have since seized Thompson’s computer and all other recording devices on the premises. They have begun searching through all of the tape and have been able to identify six victim so far. However, there is still a lot of footage to view, and police doubt that those six victims were the only ones.

“Each count would be a different charge, so it really depends on the number of victims,” said Major Robbie Hudgins. “We think there could be more.”

In fact, several people at that party called the sheriff’s office Tuesday, concerned that they were on that recording.

The River Hills neighborhood is a large, gated community on the shores of Lake Wylie.

Homeowners there didn’t recognize Thompson when Channel 9 showed them his picture.  They said what he’s accused of doing, leaves them nearly speechless.

“It’s really sick. I don’t know what else to say right now,” said Casey Augustine. “I’m appalled that something like that would happen.”

Ted Fletcher has lived in River Hills for 30 years.

“It’s certainly uncharacteristic, and despicable,” he said.   “It sounds like some kind of college prank or something, but clearly he’s a lot older than that.  He should act like an adult.”

Deputies said Thompson is married and has two children.  He was still in jail as of late Tuesday.

As mentioned before, there are six different counts of video voyeurism on this charge. Each count of video voyeurism carries a minimum charge of three years. So Thompson is already looking at a minimum of 18 years in prison. But there is still more footage to be seen.

AUTHOR - Carlos Reyes

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