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Man Uses GPS Tracker to Stalk Ex

Man Uses GPS Tracker to Stalk Ex

gps-tracker.jpgGPS tracking technology has grown and evolved in recent years. It was once that only military personnel had access to tracking technology, but now anyone can go into any surveillance store and buy them at any budget. In this case, that’s exactly what this old man decided to so in an effort to stalk his ex-girlfriend.

On Monday, Clarence Piercey was arraigned with aggravated stalking and illegally installing a GPS tracking device on another person’s vehicle. The result of a guilty verdict would see Piercy in jail for no fewer than five years. Piercey posted a $2,500 bond and is currently awaiting trial.

The Van Buren County Sheriff’s Department began investigating Sunday night when a woman called to report that she belived her ex-boyfriend was stalking her. According to the victim, the relationship with Piercey began in August 2011 and the suspect’s stalking behavior increased after they broke up a short time later.

According to the victim’s story, Piercey occasionally lived in Indianapolis and then moved to South Haven in May. It was at this point that she began seeing him around town, and when the allegations of stalking began.

“She had separated from him and she had a feeling he had been following her around,” said Lt. Robert Kirk of the Van Buren County Sheriff’s Department. “He’d been showing up at different locations just out of the blue, which kind of alarmed her a little bit.”

The police report states that the victim then filed a personal protection order as a further measure to protect herself. She stated at that time that she had run into Piercey at least 10 times since the beginning of this month. Piercey has been sending unwanted text messages, and that she is scared of possible death, according to the PPO.

She told police she has also noticed Piercey’s truck parked next to her vehicle on numerous days this month.

A deputy went to Piercey’s house in South Haven to interview him about this behavior. When Piercey wouldn’t answer the front door, the deputy proceeded to the rear door and saw a laptop computer in the residence.

“They were able to see the screen of the laptop. The deputies recognized it was a GPS program,” said Kirk. “They discovered it was a GPS tracking unit and it was tracking her vehicle.”

A search warrant was executed on Piercey’s home and Piercey was found hiding in the laundry room. He was taken into custody.

Deputies located and seized computer equipment and other items linked to the GPS tracking device.

After executing the warrant, deputies searched the victim’s car and found the tracking device installed on the undercarriage.

It was determined Piercey had been tracking the victim’s location for more than a month using the GPS tracker, police said.

“He’s an ex-boyfriend. She doesn’t have any ties to him,” said Lt. Kirk. “She doesn’t want any contact with him, and he’s got something on her vehicle that she’s unaware of, and he’s following her around, and tracking her every move. It’s stalking.”

The sheriff’s department said the GPS technology is similar to what is in a cellphone, but stronger.

24 Hour News 8 reached Piercey by phone Tuesday afternoon and asked if he wanted to talk about the allegations. He declined. He is due in court next month.

Lt. Kirk said the victim’s vigilance helped lead to the arrest.

AUTHOR - Carlos Reyes

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