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Man finds GPS Tracking Device on his Truck

Man finds GPS Tracking Device on his Truck

ontario-gos.jpg In Ontario, Alberta, Canada, a man says he’s angry, bewildered, and honestly a bit frightened after he discovered a GPS tracking device in one of the wheel wells of his truck. Evidently, someone thought that this man needed to be followed, so they placed the device on his truck.

“I was doing just a regular inspection on my truck and I found this black box under my truck … with flashing lights inside,” says Ben Ferrill of Warsaw, Ontario. “I didn’t know what it was. I didn’t know if it was a bomb. We were scared to death… It felt like a movie — unreal.”

Ferrill discovered the tracking device on his truck in the fall of last year, and reported it to the Ontario Provincial Police. Ferrill said the Ontario Provincial Police began an investigation into the origin of the device, but could not find any kind of conclusive evidence as to who may have placed the device on Ferrill’s truck.

“I feel powerless. I can’t do anything about it and I really wish the police did more. I really wish they would do more — and I’m upset,” Ferrill said. He added that he and his wife haven’t been able to get a good night’s sleep since the discovery because they are too afraid someone may be watching them at all times.

“We spent lots of nights up until three in the morning crying and talking about it — not sleeping and looking out the windows and being suspicious of vehicles that drive by,” Ferrill said. “Are they following me? Are they watching me? Are they going to try to do something to me? Are they going to try to do something to our family? The fear in finding something like that is unreal.”

Ian Wilson, the attorney who represents Mr. Ferrill says that it is illegal to place a GPS tracking device onto someone else’s car without their consent or knowledge. And the police can’t do it unless they have the proper warrant to do so.

“The trouble is, we don’t know who is behind this,” Wilson said.

The device Ferrill found, Wilson said, was sold by an American company, U.S. Fleet Tracking, which sells GPS systems to companies that want to track their fleet vehicles.

The Ontario Provincial Police obtained a production order, compelling the Canadian company that provides the wireless connection, Kore Wireless, to disclose whose device it is. However, Kore said it didn’t have that information.

“I’ve [also] tried to get answers from Kore Wireless and their lawyer but they will tell me nothing,” Wilson said.

Kore Wireless president Alex Brisbourne said his company only provides “connectivity. We don’t know who the end user is.” He said U.S. Fleet bills the customer and gives access to its website, where the customer can track its fleet vehicles in real time.

“Our customer [U.S. Fleet] is in the United States. They have no responsibility or accountability to provide that information [to Canadian police],” Brisbourne said. When asked whether he requested the customer information from U.S. Fleet in this case, Brisbourne replied it “is not appropriate for us to ask for that. Security of information is particularly critical.” U.S. Fleet’s website makes it clear the company does not give up information easily, even to American authorities.


AUTHOR - Carlos Reyes

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