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London CCTV Catches More Crime: Armed Robbery

London CCTV Catches More Crime: Armed Robbery

armored-van-robbery-cctv.jpgLondon’s CCTV security surveillancesystem proves efficient once again, capturing a near deadly robbery in progress. Rather than doing the standard bank robbery, these two men robbed an armored bank van that was in the process of refilling an ATM. One of these criminals had a hammer, while the other was carry a large gun, possibly a shotgun, based on the images recorded by the CCTV security surveillance system.

The images recorded by one of London’s CCTV security surveillance cameras were released by the detectives hunting the pair of robbers. The thieves got away with approximately $40,000 after a surprise ambush on the security guards loading an ATM on Tyneside Newcastle. The images were released today in an effort to raise public awareness about the crime and report any information to the proper authorities.

The motorcycle helmets worn by the pair are very distinctive, so it is hopes that someone will recognize them. The motorcycle helmets were used to conceal their identities as they attacked the guards, stole the money, then get into their getaway car, which itself was stolen in another violent robbery a short time before this robbery.

Det Sgt Tony Gallagher, one of the investigators of the case, released the following statement: “Both robberies were violent, aggressive and involved weapons. The investigation continues to be very active and we’re now keen to get more information about the two bike helmets in the images. In particular, we’re interested in hearing from anyone who can put the two motorbike helmets together, whether they have sold them as a pair or have seen them anywhere, lost them or had them stolen.”

55 year old security guard Trevor Scarr and a colleague were in the process of refilling an ATM machine with cash at the junction of Welbeck Road and St Anthony’s Road, in Walker, Newcastle, on Thursday, October 20, when they were attacked by the raiders.

One of the assailants had a hammer, while the other was armed with a large gun.

Trevor, from Washington, was hit with the hammer at the start of the robbery, which saw the thieves escape with over $40,000.

Soon after the terror raid, Mr. Scarr relived his ordeal and said: “I was on my third trip from the van to the cashpoint when suddenly I was hit in the back of the neck with a hammer. I went straight into total shock. I felt excruciating pain in my shoulder and neck, and was dazed as they pulled me to the ground. I was so scared. I was just lying on the floor thinking, ‘Will I survive this? Will I ever see my wife again?’”

Scarr and his fellow security guard were both taken to the hospital to treat their injuries, which included some bruising and shock.

The getaway car used by the robbers was later found ablaze on Byker Terrace, a short distance away from the scene of the robbery.

Police later revealed the vehicle, a grey Lexus RX300, had been stolen on Thursday, October 6, when its 58-year-old owner was threatened by two men armed with knives at Stoddart Street in Shieldfield, a short distance from the scene of the ATM robbery.

AUTHOR - Carlos Reyes

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