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Hidden Cameras Set Up by Principal to Monitor Students, Staff, Parents

Hidden Cameras Set Up by Principal to Monitor Students, Staff, Parents

hidden-camera-school.jpg Have you ever wandered into a room and thought about how many hidden cameras might be there, watching your every move? It’s a chilling thought, isn’t it? It sounds like the subplot of the newest spy novel; however, this ominous truth is a reality for many people. Hidden cameras can be placed anywhere and are easier to use than you might think. Recently, students at a Clark County high school in Las Vegas have become the targets for these cameras, which were set installed by none other than the school principal.

Chief Investigator Darcy Spears is looking in to the situation, starting with the questioning of the School District Board Members.

One employee released the following statement about the discovery of the cameras: “It just makes you feel like… you’re just creeped out.  It’s just like Big Brother is always watching.”

A second employee also spoke out, saying “No one in their right mind would believe that a principal was recording all those individuals.”

Employees at the Academy for Individualized Study high school say that the principal was able to listen in on everything that was going on in the school grounds, including private conversations between students, guidance councilors, and other employees.

Employees say “It was basically to spy on them.”

The employees, however, were not the only target of the principal’s hidden cameras. Elena Rodriguez, who once served as the assistant principal at AIS in the 2010/2011 school year, students and parents were also targets of the intrusive hidden cameras at a time when AIS was at a different location, specifically the Bishop Gorman campus on Maryland Parkway.

Anita Wilbur is AIS’ principal.

“I counted about 25 cameras,” Elena says.  “She put two cameras per room — registrar’s, counselor’s office. We already had the five in the main office.  She also put them in the special ed classroom, the computer lab…”

23 cameras were discovered at the school’s former campus, with at a few employees corroborating the story that there was at least one camera located inside the plant in the principal’s office. Principal Wilbur refused to make a statement regarding the manner; however, Clark County School district Spokesperson Amanda Fulkerson released a few comments regarding the camera: “Um, that camera was pointed at the door of her office, it’s absolutely there. It wasn’t hidden, per se, in that everyone knew that it was there.”

“We were in there a lot of times in the principal’s office and I didn’t know she had cameras in there,” says Tonia Rayford, whose daughter was an AIS student last year.

Rayford says that she noticed signs that said the entire property was under video surveillance, but she thought the sign meant that the school was under the watchful and secure eye of CCTV security surveillance equipment, not invasive hidden cameras anddigital audio recorders.

“I mean like surveillance around the campus, you know, outside, parking lot, stuff like that.  But not in her personal office or in the registration office.”

When asked about alerting students, parents and staff to the presence of digital audio recorders in the same manner that people are alerted to the cameras, Amanda Fulkerson only said “That’s something we’ll look into.”


AUTHOR - Carlos Reyes

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