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Hidden Camera Used to Catch Food Thief

Hidden Camera Used to Catch Food Thief

spy-cam-for-blog.jpg Having a surveillance system at your home or business is an excellent way to make sure that your assets are completely safe and secure. Studies have shown that people are less inclined to engage in criminal activity when they know their actions are being monitored. However, a security surveillance system isn’t always the best solution for your surveillance needs. Sometimes, the situations calls for something a little more covert and difficult to find. That is where hidden cameras come in.

The Dixie Youth Baseball League brings hundreds of people to the fields in San Antonio, a small city near Dade City. It is an excellent way for the community to come together and cheer about something that everyone can enjoy. It is tons of fun for the kids and for the adults.

“Just the community and the involvement of the parents. It’s awesome,” said league president Andy Getz.

Along with his duties as the president of the baseball league, Getz is also a coach for one of the teams and is a father to two of the young players.

“It’s just a remarkable experience seeing the kids have a great time,” said Getz.

Running a sports program can often be a costly procedure, with many small fees and expenses piling up to equal one large bill. Thankfully, the baseball league also operates a concessions stands which helps to assist in these costs and allows the baseball program to keep running. The league says they use the proceeds of the concessions stands to buy baseball equipment, like balls, baseball bats, uniforms, and tees.

However, after a recent inventory check, some of the staff noticed that there was nearly $1,000 in items missing from the concessions stands. That is a lot of potato chips and candy bars.

“Instead of missing a hamburger, or a soda or something like that, some sunflower seeds, we were missing whole sleeves of hamburgers and cases of soda,” said Getz. After alerting the Sheriff’s Office, a detective put a hidden camera inside the stand for a week and found a man helping himself, like it was his own personal store. He is seen taking a drink and chips without knowing it was all caught on video.

“Certainly did a good job because he looked right into it and he didn’t even notice it was a camera,” said Sheriff’s Office spokesperson Doug Tobin.  Authorities say it didn’t take them long to identify the thief in that the video. They say it was a park attendant. Someone who has taken care of these fields for years. The Sheriff’s Office say Christopher Hansen is the one who was stealing from the concession stand. He was arrested for retail theft. Getz says it was very disappointing to see someone he knew so well take advantage.

“He does a remarkable job for our fields. He just made a mistake,” said Getz. Hanson faces four misdemeanors for the theft. But could lose his job with the parks department unless he is cleared of the charges.


AUTHOR - Carlos Reyes

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