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Hidden Camera Usage Report

Hidden Camera Usage Report

spy-cam-for-blog.jpg As the use of spy cameras continues to grow, it is important that we all understand how they work and how they are used by most people. That is why the MCA Public Complaints and Services Department in Jakarta, Indonesia, published this special report about how people use hidden cameras. According to MCA Public Complaints and Services Department head Michael Chong, the majority of hidden cameras are used for all the wrong reasons, following a trend that has been on the rise in over the last 10 years.

“While some people buy them with good intentions such as monitoring maids and for security purposes, most of these hidden cameras are purchased with the intention of trapping someone in a compromising situation. Otherwise, why would they be hidden?” he said during his public address on Monday.

Chong said that he receives two to three cases a year of a person’s most private moments being intruded upon by the use of a hidden camera; this includes moments where people would have a reasonable expectation of privacy, such as in bathrooms or changing rooms. And that’s just for a small country like Indonesia. Imagine what those numbers are like for the United States or the United Kingdom.

“Although this seems a small number, I take the cases very seriously. There have been some cases in which men were caught on camera in the nude or engaging in sexual acts by women who were out to blackmail them. Usually, the women are foreigners who target rich, married businessmen,” he said, adding that the cameras were placed strategically so that while the full image of the man would be captured, the woman could not be clearly seen.

Chong recalled a case in which two young women were secretly recorded by their landlord, who had leased a house to them at a cheap rate.

“One day, one of the women accidentally dropped a piece of soap into the bathtub. As she was looking for the soap, she discovered a wire and found the hidden camera,” he said, adding that the incident happened in Cheras about three years ago.

He said the woman complained to him about the matter and even threatened to commit suicide.

“I condemn such acts. It is so disgusting. The woman even told me that she would rather die than allow the footage to be circulated,” Chong said, adding that most of the victims were young women, politicians and rich businessmen.

Tourist guide Anne Molly, 53, said the emergence of these spy cameras was a cause for concern, especially for travelers in hotels.

“These devices can be planted anywhere or even hidden in plain sight like the clothes hook or tissue box,” she said.

“Now, I would check the hotel rooms I stay in thoroughly to ensure that none of these devices capture me in the shower or when I am changing.”

Entertainer Edmund Dass, in his 50s, said these devices were often used to blackmail victims.

“The recording may also be uploaded on YouTube and other websites for public viewing,” he said.

Both Molly and Dass said they believed that licensing was necessary to regulate the sale of these devices to ensure that they do not fall into the wrong hands.

AUTHOR - Carlos Reyes

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