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Hidden Camera in Hartford City

Hidden Camera in Hartford City

spy-cam-for-blog.jpgIn Hartford City, Indiana, a man is currently facing a felony charge for allegations regarding the placement of a hidden camera in a bathroom. When the footage was reviewed, it clearly shows that the man was able to use this camera to record a woman taking a shower.

The man has been identified as Michael A. Lambert, and he is 51 years old. His address has been confirmed as in the 200 block of South High Street; he currently faces the charges of video voyeurism, which is a Class D felony with a minimum prison sentence of 18 months. The charges were officially filed this past Monday. His bail was placed at $1,000 bond, and he was held at the Blackford County prison until his bail bond was paid.

According to the official report filed by Hartford City police officer Michael Wilson, Lambert was placed under arrest on Sunday night after other occupants in his home found 2 home videos; both of these videos showcase a woman taking a shower in the home.

According to the report, the video also contained Lambert retrieving the video recording device, which is one folly that all peeping toms like these always fall for. Nearly all cases involving the placement of hidden cameras, such as this one, end in the perpetrator being caught because the video camera records the criminal placing or retrieving the camera. This is sure fire identification, and none of those perpetrators ever get away with it. There is really no point in trying.

The Hartford City man admitted to J.D. Beckley, a lead police detective investigating the case, that “he did hide the video device in a small basket on top of the toilet inside the bathroom,” and “did so in order to video record (the alleged victim) in the shower,” court documents said.

The documents of the court case state the recordings both of the recordings were made last Friday. The formal charges also say the recording “was in an area where the occupant could reasonably expect to disrobe.”

Lambert appeared in Blackford Superior Court on Monday, when a public defender was appointed to represent him and his trial was set for May 16.

Court records reflect no other recent charges against Lambert. Not that any other charges would make a difference in a case such as this anyway; video voyeurism is a very serious crime and should be treated with harsh punishment. Unfortunately, this is a crime that has been seeing a steady rise in recent year. With hidden camera technology becoming more and more advanced, and also more cost effective, more and more criminals and perverts are turning to it for their sick ends.

Hidden cameras are designed to be covert and undetectable. They have many different applications, and there are many pros and cons to using one. They are an excellent alternative to using a CCTV security surveillance system in situations where a system may be too much. They are an added measure of security. But, in the wrong hands, they can also be very dangerous and be used to invade on someone’s privacy, such as in this case here. If you think you are the target of a hidden camera, don’t delay, act today.

AUTHOR - Carlos Reyes

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