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Hidden Camera Found in Public Swimming Pool Locker Room

Hidden Camera Found in Public Swimming Pool Locker Room

public-pool-hidden-cam.jpg In Winnipeg, Canada, police and pool room staff have been put on high alert as a result of the discovery of a hidden camera inside the locker room of an indoor swimming pool.  As part of their “swift and immediate” response to the discovery, many other pools in the area are being swept for hidden cameras. The camera was discovered by one of the swimming instructors who worked for the pool.

The police are currently conducting an investigation into the claims made by the swimming instructor. Meanwhile, Councilor Paula Havixbeck of Charleswood-Tuxedo district that all of Winnipeg’s 13 public pools have been swept or will soon be swept for any kind of hidden cameras or recording devices. So far, the results have yielded no further evidence that there are any more hidden cameras or recorders in the other pools.

“They’ve all been cleared as not having any,” Havixbeck said on Sunday. Hayixbeck serves as the chairwoman for the Protection and Community Services sub-committee said Sunday.

According to the official report, the 26 year old swimming instructor says she discovered the small video recording device hidden in a changing room at the Seven Oaks Pool. She decided to take the camera home with her and plug it into her computer to see what the device was and what it had recorded. Upon searching the files, she discovered photos of herself completely in the nude while she changed in the locker room.

Police were not able to expand upon the woman’s comment, since they consider their investigation to still be in the “incredibly early stages,” according to police spokesman Constable Jason Michalyshen. The woman was scheduled to make a formal complaint in person at the police office on Sunday.

Michalyshen, in his statement, said “We need to dig much deeper. It appears the area is a staff change room, not a public room. We need to confirm that,” he said. Hayixbeck added to the statement, saying “I feel terrible for her,” Havixbeck said. “As a woman, I would feel very violated.”

Havixbeck then went on to speak about the steady availability of this technology that allows people to target victims such as the swimming instructor in this case.

“There seem to be no boundaries,” she said. This case brings to mind the memory of another case in Winnipeg, in which a man was arrested in late February for the rare of video voyeurism following an October, 2011 incident at the YMCA in East Kildonan.

The 49 year old man is accused of taking a picture of two brothers aged 5 and 7, in the men’s change room, according to police. The boys were wearing their bathing suits and there was no inappropriate touching or assault allegations, police said.

The man asked the boys to pose for the photo for an unknown reason, according to cops. The victims did not know him, they added.

At the time of the man’s arrest, he was pending trial for violently sexually assaulting a woman with a sex toy, court documents said.

AUTHOR - Carlos Reyes

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