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Hidden Cam Exposes Doctor with No License

Hidden Cam Exposes Doctor with No License


pen-dvr-silver-with-black.jpgHidden cameras have become very popular tools for investigative reporters. They’re small, covert, easy to use, and collect all the information you need. Recently, a reported used a hidden camera from us to collect evidence that a doctor was practicing without a license, which is illegal.

Located in Largo, Florida, this doctor comes clean almost immediately, saying “Right from the start, the only reason this happened is because my ex-wife didn’t put in a check for my license renewal,” said Dean Knoblach.

According to the evidence, this is not the first time Knoblach has acted as a doctor without a license.

“In terms of touching patients and all, you must have a license,” says Dr. Anastasia Knoblach. Anastasia is the ex-wife that Dean blames for not having a legal license to practice medicine. Anastasia is also a doctor, and told the reporter that if Dean did anything without a patient, including regular check-ups and even something as little as touching the patient without a proper legal medical license, it is illegal.

Dr. Anastasia Knoblach told the reporter that no doctor can administer any kind of test, examination, or consultation without a legal medical license, and that is a well-known fact. Dean Knoblach first lost his medical license to practice medicine all the way back in 2009, but has continued to see patients on a regular basis. This is a huge liability and legal problem. In response to this fact coming to light, Dean released a statement to the press about how he lost his license and why he did not get a new one.

The statement says, in part, “This whole situation was the result of a license renewal check that didn’t get cashed in a timely fashion. When I discovered this error, I immediately contacted the Florida Department of Health, collaborated with the authorities, hired an attorney, and promptly hired another Doctor of audiology to insure that all necessary steps have been carefully followed to resolve this clerical error. So, when I called the state and told them about this they said, ‘Well, OK, this is how you have to handle this’ and I followed every single step they said, dotted all my I’s, crossed all the T’s,” added Knoblach.

Not exactly. According to the Department of Health’s Division of Medical Quality Assurance, Mr. Knoblach’s license was not renewed in 2009 with the Florida Department of Health and is therefore null and void. “Any subsequent licensure shall be as a result of applying for and meeting all requirements imposed on an applicant for new licensure,” it stated.

“I think it is important for the public to know and I think it is important for him to be stopped because it is unethical, flat out wrong,” said Dr. Anastasia Knoblach.

This isn’t the first time Dean Knoblach has been in trouble for operating without a license. When asked about Minnesota, he said, “It’s all in the letter, dude.”

According to a stipulation and consent order issued by the Minnesota Commissioner of Health, Knoblach advertised himself as a certified audioprothologyst, which he was not, certified from the National American Conference of Audioprosthology, which he was not. In addition, he ran into problems in Wisconsin and didn’t disclose that to Minnesota, which revoked his license.

When asked about these problems, Knoblach kept changing the subject and accused 10 News of violating HIPPA, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996.  We contacted patients of this so-called doctor, and all the folks we talked said they were happy with his services.

AUTHOR - Carlos Reyes

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