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Hidden Cam Catches Robbery Suspects

Hidden Cam Catches Robbery Suspects

spy-cam-for-blog.jpg It is amazing to see how far hidden camera technology has come in the last several years. Now, many hidden cameras can record into themselves and placed anywhere you can think of to record activity. Some of the things caught on cameras have been very surprising to the people placing them there, while others have been shocking. Hidden cameras are an excellent alternative to security surveillance systems, and there is a hidden camera for almost every occasion.

30 year old Jacob Scuh set up a camouflaged wildlife camera because he has an interest in finding out what kind of animals live in his area. He was expecting to catch a few rodents, maybe a bird or two, but instead captured images of two suspects of armed robbery as they were trying to hide from the police.

Brentwood Police Chief Steve Disbennett released an official statement saying that they have arrested three men who they suspect have committed an armed robbery within the vicinity of their arrest. Police are currently in the process of seeking charges for their conviction.

Two of the arrested suspects were caught on camera by Schuh, who set up his battery powered hidden night vision camera to see what animals had been going through his can. In no way did he expect to see two robbery suspects when he went to check his camera for photos.

“I almost didn’t believe it,” Schuh said. “It was like, what the hell is this?”

The four suspects apparently had met two of the victims who live at the home the previous evening at the Lumière Place casino in downtown St. Louis, Disbennett said. Police believe the robbers followed the victims home to Brentwood after the victims had won several hundred dollars at one of the casino’s craps tables.

Disbennett said police responded to the block after a witness — radio host McGraw Milhaven — spotted the four men walking down the block and approaching the house after leaving their car a few houses down the block with the engine running. Milhaven, a KTRS-AM morning radio host, had been visiting a friend on the block Sunday morning.

After robbing the men at gunpoint at the home, the robbers left and hid after seeing police cars pull up, Disbennett said. Police arrested three of the four near the house. 

“I saw the whole thing from start to finish,” Milhaven said in an email. “The four guys walking down the street, past my friend’s house, and then run up to the house they were going to rob.  Then them hiding in the bushes, running out, and the police chase. I had a front-row seat.”

Police were still looking for a handgun that they believe one of the robbers dropped as he fled.

Police have identified the fourth suspect and are looking for him, Disbennett said. Charges are expected to be filed today against the three in custody.

Schuh said he gave the police copies of his photos after discovering the camera had caught two of the suspects.

The next night, he says, his wildlife camera captured images of the suspect he’d intended to nab: an opossum digging in his trash. 

AUTHOR - Carlos Reyes

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