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Hidden Cam Catches Nurse/Thief

Hidden Cam Catches Nurse/Thief

hidden.jpgIn Minnesota, a family decided that the only way they were going to get conclusive evidence concerning the theft of money and items from an elderly relative was to let a hidden camera do the talking for them. We have all heard of nanny cams that watch over our children and their caretakers when we are not around but in Minnesota, many residents have begun to rely on “granny cams” to keep an eye on their elderly. The concept is the same, only the application changes a little. Upon the implementation of the camera, the family was able to capture conclusive evidence of the suspected aid stealing money and items from various patients.

According to an investigation conducted by the Health Department released today, the managerial staff at the Lakeshore Home Care facility decided to implement the hidden camera technology after reports of money missing from various residents began to surface last surface. The facility got permission directly from the elderly woman’s family to place the camera in her room to monitor the aid’s activity as she went in and out.

The family decided to take it a step further. They didn’t just place a camera, they baited the suspected aid. They placed an extra $35 in their elderly relative’s purse. The money was placed perfectly under the ever watchful eye of the camera, thus ensuring that they would not miss a thing. Sure enough, on May 21st of last year, the aid was caught stealing the bait cash. The worker continuously denied taking the cash.

The facility and faculty did not make time to answer any questions in the subsequent press conference when the story made news. They did, however, issue a statement, given by administrator Paul Libbon. The statement reads as follows:

“We’re sorry about the incident that occurred,” he said. “The theft was a violation of trust. We immediately terminated the employee.”

There are many stories currently circulating the news room that feature events just like this; worse, in many cases, it’s not just theft that is occurring. Many times, there is also severe abuse towards the elderly by the people who we trust to take care of them. As a result of these recent stories, more and more families have begun to rely on hidden cameras and covert surveillance to catch workers and employees who abuse their loved ones. Caretaking facilities are also utilizing the technology to monitor their workers, and collaborating with law enforcement to catch any abuse or crime.

Once the investigation at the Lakeshore facility was completed, officials noticed that the cases involving missing money and items from residents suddenly halted once the guilty employee was fired. The investigation was conducted by the Office of Health Facility Complaints.

For the sake of privacy and security, the report does not list any of the names of the theft victims, nor did it list the name of the guilty employee. It also did not list how much money or how many other items were stolen. The moral of this story is not to wait until the last moment if you suspect criminal activity; act now.

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