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Hacker Attacks Courthouse Website

Hacker Attacks Courthouse Website

anon-hacking.jpg Computer and online hacking is a global threat. These hackers feel that they are sending some kind of political message with their actions. At this time, there have been no major attacks or sabotages that have led to permanent damage, but who is to say that it will never happen? We are all at risk as long as this hacking menace continues. Make sure you have a way to protect yourself.

In the state of California, one of these hackers is currently on the run from the long arm of the law. Christopher Doyon, also known by his hacker alias Commander X, is facing criminal charges that could see him spending up to 15 years in prison. His crime? He hacked the website of the county court in Santa Cruz, California, in a response to police forcibly removing a homeless encampment from the front steps of the court house.

Doyon is currently in hiding in an attempt to avoid persecution for his crimes. Doyon says he has been able to hide so well from his law enforcement pursuers thanks to assistance from a new “underground railroad,” a network of safe houses across the United States that will allow people to escape.

“I think the general public is beginning to learn the value of information. To give an example, for a very long time nobody in the US or the world was allowed to know the number of civilian casualties in Afghanistan or Iraq,” Doyon told Canada’s National Post.

“There were wild guesses and they were all over the ballpark figures, until a young army private named Bradley Manning had the courage to steal that information from the US government and release it. Now we know that despite their smart munitions and all their high-technology they have somehow managed to accidentally kill 150,000 civilians in two countries.”

Doyon – who participated in a number of other high-profile Anonymous campaigns – also claimed the collective has access to “every classified database” in the US government. According to Doyon, the digital keys were handed to Anon operatives by the very same “people who run the systems.”

“It’s the pimply-faced kid in the basement who controls the whole game, and Bradley Manning proved that. The fact he had the 250,000 cables that were released effectively cut the power of the US State Department in half,” he said.

“The Afghan war diaries and the Iran war diaries effectively cut the political clout of the US Department of Defense in half. All because of one guy who had enough balls to slip a CD in an envelope and mail it to somebody.”

Doyon emphasized that it was only a matter of time before the collective chose to disseminate the database contents.

“Now people are leaking to Anonymous and they’re not coming to us with this document or that document or a CD, they’re coming to us with keys to the kingdom, they’re giving us the passwords and usernames to whole secure databases that we now have free reign over,” he added.

AUTHOR - Carlos Reyes

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