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Google Dons a Cape to Protect the World from Hackers

Google Dons a Cape to Protect the World from Hackers

chrome-logo.jpgIn a world where our reliance on technology is ever growing, hackers have a whole field of targets from which they can choose. Nearly all of our information, both personal and financial, can be tracked online. Hundreds, if not thousands, of banking transactions are made online every day. Then there’s all of the personal information that’s interchanged. If someone were to hack your computer or your internet connection, they could get away with your whole life.

This is especially true in areas with large network servers designed for several users. Libraries, internet café’s, and college campuses, for example, all have internet servers that are made to connect dozens of people. If a hacker were to gain access to that one server, then they would have access to everyone’s information, not just one person. This is an extremely dangerous precedent that could harm, or even endanger, the lives of many people. However, you don’t have to live in fear. You have options.

One of these options is to encrypt your online transactions. Encrypting your online information will make it much more difficult for hackers to gain access to it. But how can you do this easily and quickly?  Well now, Google has an answer for you: they have introduced the KB SSL Enforcer. KB SSL Enforcer is a companion program with Google Chrome that will allow you to enforce SSL security into any and all websites that use it. SSL encryption is one of the most widely used programs for online transaction encryption. It will automatically detect whether an online site has options for both http and https connections. If it detects https connection, it will automatically choose that for you to use, since https is a more secure connection. This move will greatly improve your online security, and you will not have to worry about dangerous hackers trying to steal your information.

Once you implement the program, all of the work is done for you automatically, making the program very easy to use. The Firefox Web Browser has a similar program available; however, that program is not as expansive, as it only encrypts sites that is has listed on its own database, as opposed to the more open idea of encrypting all sites with https.

The program also maintains a list of websites with https for you, which makes the connection to such sites a bit faster. The program will also maintain a list of websites that do not function well or function slower using an https connection, so you will always know what is working properly.

The program reacts to different sites differently, affecting the connection speed. This, however, can be changed in the settings of the program very easily to ensure you get the full functionality of the program every time you use it. A whitelist is also available for maintenance, which will allow you to keep track of what websites do not support SSL encryption or have a https connection.

The KB SSL Enforcer is available for all users of Google Chrome for download from the Google Chrome App Store.

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