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Ex-CIA-trained Security Specialist Faces Rejection after exposing Federal Reserve Security Breaches

Ex-CIA-trained Security Specialist Faces Rejection after exposing Federal Reserve Security Breaches

TAMPA- In 2011, CEO and Chief TSCM Officer, Michael Peros, of an online bug detection and device company, received harsh opposition when he exposed potential threats of international manipulation of the Federal Reserve Bank in Washington, D.C. To date, his efforts to report the matter have been met with responses rooted in denial, apathy, and shockingly, alleged death threats from the U.S. Federal government.

During a requested security scan of the bank, Peros was shocked to find little protection and security measures taken to protect the Federal Reserve. He said he found errors such as electronifeddc.jpgcally untreated windows, multiple teleconferences in progress, and unsecure access to the attic area above a conference room, creating an open invitation to hackers alike. Peros also saw a variety of unsupervised nodes or connection points to the network, scattered throughout the facility.

“An enemy using any one of these nodes could bring about catastrophic failure to the network, not to mention corrupting the contents and integrity of Bank data—acts easily achieved without detection,” Peros said.

As an ex-CIA trained, ex-NSA trained professional, and TSCM Officer of, Peros was confident of his findings of outdated security that left the Federal Reserve venerable to any international and state-level threat of illegal monitoring or corruption. He was suspicious of the lack of protection and the threats that it posed.

In a related article from the New York Times, Peros learned that a Chinese nationalist was arrested for possession of Federal Reserve computer source code. In addition, he found that the Central Bank of Holland and Hedge Fund operators, with possible connections to the Muslim Brotherhood, were using Federal Reserve information regarding their currency.

A Wall Street Journal article “Investors get Bullish on Fed. Tips,” by Susan Pulliam, also confirmed that Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke based in Washington, and New York Federal Reserve President William Dudley both meet regularly with investors and other Fed officials-both in their offices and through advisory committees. Surprisingly, Peros was scheduled to perform the sweep service during these same private meetings at the Washington D.C., Federal Reserve.

After trying to expose serious security hazards at the Federal Reserve the conventional way—by going through the Bank with his local congressman’s office, Congressman Gus Bilirakis, and Mr. Porter J. Goss, chairman of the Congressional Ethics Committee; Peros decided to go public with his shocking evidence of the questionable security measures at one of the most central banking centers in the U. S.

The Federal Reserve Bank in Washington is one of 12 banks that make up a major part of the Federal Reserve System, the central banking system of the United States. Its main responsibility is to enforce U.S. monetary policy and manage commercial banks in its district. Pulliam wrote “The words and actions of the Federal Reserve, in particular, have an enormous impact on markets, prompting the creation of new guidelines at the central bank to combat the perception of favoritism.”

Peros said his resolve to provide a full and adequate security report to the Bank and the U.S. Government has made Peros and his family a target. He said he and his family have received threats via email. And though he has tried, he said the email source is untraceable.

The Bank opted to retain the current company that provides security to the Bank. But Peros feared the glaring lack of security he saw with his own eyes will leave the Bank and the U.S. exposed to espionage.

“Bringing attention to this matter has become my main priority. The security of the United States currency depends on the integrity of information delivered to and processed by the Federal Reserve Bank.” said Peros.

About has discovered more illegal bugs and wiretaps than every other sweep team in the world combined. Over 65,000 illegal intercepts through bugs and wiretaps documented to have been found in the Key Bank case, the largest case of illegal wiretapping in US history done by local state and federal law enforcement. Our team of qualified technicians and surveillance experts use over one hundred thousand dollars worth of highly sophisticated electronic testing equipment and technical methods to find eavesdropping devices. Founder and Chief Technical Officer, Michael Peros, has attained a vast wealth of knowledge and experience. He was trained by the CIA’s top spy of 41 years. He has passed this same training along to his team, each of whom brings their own understanding and unique expertise of TSCM, wiretapping and eavesdropping detection into the field.

AUTHOR - Carlos Reyes

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