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Edinburgh Man Uses Camera Clock to Spy on Woman

Edinburgh Man Uses Camera Clock to Spy on Woman

edinburgh-man-hidden-cam.jpgIn Edinburgh, England, a hidden camera has been found inside the shared home of a man and his tenants. The man hid a camera inside of a clock in his bathroom and watched as a woman used the bathroom and showered, completely invading upon her privacy.

43 year old Derek Bathgate used a highly advanced spy camera to watch the woman at a time when she thought she would be completely alone and private. The woman preferred not to give her name.

On Tuesday, Edinburgh Sheriff Court heard Bathgate as he pleaded guilty to the crime. He says he had made several recordings of the woman as she dressed and undressed, and went to the bathroom. The recordings were made between February 2011 and March 2011. The camera was found by a man who noticed that the clock was curiously pointed towards the shower. When police searched the home, they found all of the recording imagery, as well as child pornography images.

Bathgate, from North Berwick, East Lothian, pleaded guilty to recording the woman during her private moments in the bathroom between February 13, 2011 and March 6, 2011. The criminal charge also stated that not only was the recording made, but that enabling Bathgate to watch the recordings was his exact motive behind placing the camera in the bathroom.

He then pleaded guilty to the crime of possession of child abuse images, saying that between May 27, 2003 and March 4, 2011, he possessed a series of indecent photographs of children.

Isobel Clark, attorney for the victim, told the court Bathgate began to target the woman in February last of year. Ms. Clark said Bathgate owned the three bedroom property in Newhaven Place and had a “good” relationship with the victim before the discovery of the crime.

Bathgate placed a camera inside the clock in the bathroom to begin recording images of the woman as she used the bathroom. The camera was discovered when a male friend of the victim noticed that the clock inside the bathroom was curiously aimed towards the shower. The friend decided to investigate further.

Ms. Clark said that there was more than one incident in which a visitor grew curious about something Bathgate kept in his home and around his property.

Ms Clark released the following statement in regards to what led to the discovery of the camera: “The man started to look a bit closer at the clock and found a micro USB port on the left hand side of the clock and there was a micro USB card reader which he removed. He then discovered a camera lens at the 12 o’clock position. The clock was facing towards the taps and a shower.”

Ms. Clark said the man then told the woman about what he had found and she called the police.

Ms. Clark added: “When the police arrived at the property, Bathgate told them ‘I have a recording device in the bathroom. It’s in the clock. ”

He also confirmed he used it to record the woman. Officers searched the house and discovered Bathgate had a collection of camera clocks, female underwear, DVDs and electronic storage devices. Detectives also recovered a computer which contained 108 images and one film of child abuse images. Sheriff James Scott deferred sentence on Bathgate for six weeks.

Defense solicitor Ross Gardner obtained permission from the court to obtain a psychological report.


AUTHOR - Carlos Reyes

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